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Position Profile – Building Lead

Reports to: Area Manager. If no Area Manager is assigned, the Director of Operations is the direct report.

Building Lead Position Profile: 

Uniform Requirements:

  • This position requires uniforms. Populist will provide uniform shirts. 

Compensation/Position/Hourly Requirements:

  • 40+ hours per week, $17-18, straight time and overtime rates apply. 
  • Fulltime position, Monday-Friday and weekends as needed. 
    • Schedule varies by need. (TBD with Area Manager)
    • Clock in/out for lunch. 
  • Cell phone stipend applied to each bi-weekly check. 
  • There may be times when it is necessary to stay late, come in early, and work overtime. 
  • There will be paid, mandatory meetings and trainings for this position.

Building Lead Role Requirements:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and implementation of Populist Cleaning Company Core Values.
  • Act as the Populist Brand Ambassador to our staff. 
  • Successful attendance record (no verbal or written warnings in file, per the call off policy.)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Populist Cleaning Company processes regarding building details, building cleaning specs, data sheets, geography, alarm codes and key management.
  • Responsible for: key card management (ensure all employees have key cards) and keys for paper/soap dispensers. Report all key needs/malfunctions to the Area Manager.
  • Partner with the Area manager to address any needs of the site (equipment, site improvements, etc.) and customer concerns and/or requests including complaints, supply issues, and requests that may fall outside of the normal scope of specifications.
  • Ensure all aspects of the building are cleaned correctly and per the customer specifications.
  • Complete mandatory inspections and check the work of your team members throughout the night/week. Tools and inspection quotas will be assigned.
  • Coordinate staff coverage in the event of a call-off. For example, If one person calls off, the Building Lead covers the schedule. If there is more than one call-off, please coordinate with the Area Manager for additional staffing resources to cover additional shifts due to call-offs.
  • Assist the team with tasks and/or projects throughout the shift/week when needed.
  • Work with staff members to be efficient and achieve the quality standards of Populist. In the instance that work is not completed or up to Populist standard coach employees to correct and/or improve work. For example, if trash has not been removed in a staff person’s scheduled work area, the Building Lead would assign the designated person to correct the issue or based on other circumstances, remove it yourself and coach and/or address the matter with the staff person or the Area Manager if necessary, as soon as possible.
  • Manage timecards of employees through the time keeping management system. (This requirement will be assigned at the discretion of the Area Manager). 
  • Partner with the Area manager to select and train new staff.
  • Coordinate and ensure that all safety practices and security protocols are followed by all. 

Additional Requirements:

  • Additional mandatory training sessions will be required and may include but are not limited to: Harassment Training, Conflict-Resolution Training, Equipment Training and Technical Training.
  • Suggestions and/or concerns are always welcome. The Building Lead must have a willingness to learn, develop professionally, have open and honest communication and lead by example and in accordance with Populist Cleaning Company’s mission, professional culture, and standards.
  • All aspects, duties and requirements of the Building Lead position are subject to change at any time in efforts to accommodate and support the assigned building, company requirements and/or the customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Additional terms of employment are subject to company employee handbook agreements and job description periodic assessments relating to work performance.
  • All applicable expenses, taxes and insurances are to be paid by the Employer.
  • All conditions and terms within this content is subject to change as agreed upon by both the employer and employee.

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