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Employment Opportunities at Populist Cleaning Co

Tired of being undervalued and taken for granted?  Need more stability in your work hours? More flexibility in start times?

Here at Populist, we recognize and reward good cleaning efforts & active embodiment of our core values. We regularly sponsor company activities to boost morale, encourage camaraderie, and foster commitment.

Populist Cleaning Co offers competitive pay, flexible start times, and generous benefits & bonuses. All training is provided. We have positions available throughout Southeast Michigan including the Detroit, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Howell, and Tecumseh areas.

I found Populist on while searching for a second job. I chose to apply to work for Populist because I was impressed with the professionalism of the company. Their expectations are clearly communicated in the new-hire orientation and reinforced in their on-site training and an on-site booklet with the documented expectations. The flexible start time is a great benefit, and the work is not difficult for me.

Travis, Ann Arbor, Michigan

We were referred to Populist Cleaning Co by a friend who really likes working here. The people at Populist are great. They show that they value our hard work and make us feel like family and not just their workers. The pay is great, too!

Destini and Eric, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Taking on a PT job had to fit some certain criteria for me, Things like location; the sites were super close to home…minutes drive of where I live. Really like the flexible clock in times if I have to attend an after school event or help out with things at home. The job is low stress. I am not put in a position of dealing with angry customers like retail jobs could experience.  and I really like that I can listen to audio-books or podcasts while I work, love this.

I appreciate the wage study that Populist did earlier this year.  That level of appreciation to the team was awesome!  I have support when I need it. If I need something or have something that needs quick attention I have resources to solve pretty much any problem I encounter.

Greg, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I love working for this great company!

John D., Ann Arbor, Michigan

I was telling a coworker I needed some extra money, and she was working part time for Populist. I applied got interviewed and was really happy to find out that the company was willing to work with my day schedule at the time. I stay because of the people I work with and how the company treats me with respect.

Lori, Ypsilanti, Michigan
I worked as a cleaner for this company for about a year and they are HANDS DOWN the best company I have ever worked for, and I’ve worked in more prestigious places. They are flexible, professional, consistent, really generous and nice, and they are very serious about providing quality customer service. Other cleaning companies I have worked for struggle to replenish supplies: not this company. They are on top of everything and they make you feel like you’re more than “just a cleaner”. I only left the job because I was working full time somewhere else, but I’d go back in a heartbeat. Keep it up, Populist!
Laura, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I learned about Populist Cleaning Co through a family member of mine who talked about how I could work outside of a normal work schedule, in environments that would benefit the time that I had available. I enjoy cleaning. I like the over all flexibility I have to work outside of the typical 9-5 job. I also enjoy my manager and the people I trained with. I have become very close to a few of them.

I love the atmosphere at Populist. I like how easy it is to do my job and be able to communicate within a timely manner to people inside Populist when I need something. Whenever I have needed time off, whether due to emergency or a scheduled time off, Populist has always been very understanding and has worked with me. I have also enjoyed being able to know I can work after hours of a typical job and at a time that’s flexible and convieient for me!

Ashley, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Populist is indeed a great employer and place to work because everything is in order as far as work ethics, policies, procedures, supplies, staff, payroll, everything. I love working for Populist and enjoy cleaning my building each and every day.  I never get hassled about anything and can always get prompt responses if there’s a question or problem I have. Populist is fair and one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I have such peace of mind and passion for doing as good a job as I can possibly do.  And when I fall short, Populist is very good about letting me know. Every inhouse staff is exceptional and I can always rely on them for everything I need in the field.  Thanks, Populist! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Kimura, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I was referred to Populist by a current employee who says they’re like family. I chose to work for Populist because they started out as a mom and pop business and know what it’s like to work their way up from the bottom, their core values, and their in depth hiring process. Populist has a great management team; someone is always available to reach out to. They truly care about their employees and this is why I have stayed with the company.

Marley, Redford, Michigan

I chose to work for Populist because I wasn’t happy working in the food industry. I had been cleaning prior with my grandmother along with working with food, and she unfortunately decided to retire and I lost the job, but I enjoyed cleaning more than the food industry. Jumping ahead through the interview process, I like what Populist stands for as a company. I enjoyed how organized things were, that there is room to grow in the company, and knew it was a great fit for me! I love how they are willing to work with me even though I am all the way out in Chelsea.

I have stayed with Populist because everyone is very kind, professional, has a positive attitude, and is hard working. I feel appreciated working for Populist which is very important to me! I enjoy the flexible hours, it has been nice while transitioning into cleaning instead of working with food. Everyone I have talked to with the company has been so kind to me, warm and welcoming. I appreciate that there is room for growth as well within the company. I definitely feel the love and apart of a great team!

Lexi, Chelsea, Michigan

Which role would be a good fit for you?

Here’s a brief outline of our main positions.

Commercial Cleaners – Our full and part-time cleaners are assigned to specific job sites and duties and enjoy a similar routine each shift they work including job duties and tasks. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend shifts and work hard to provide the best fit between staff and customer needs.

Account Assistants – Our Area Assistants provide training to new employees, complete special projects such as deep cleaning, cover call-offs and open slots; assist with building inspections and supply deliveries. This is considered a pre-management position.

Account Manager – Our Area Managers provide full supervision and support to all staff within their assigned areas. They provide training to newly assigned cleaning staff. They also develop and maintain a quality relationship with the customers through regular site inspections and scheduled meetings. The Area Manager is a management position.

Our Core Values:

We maintain a strong sense of intention, persistence, and determination.

We demonstrate a great deal of effort or endurance to work intelligently and vigorously.

We are responsible for our own choices, actions, and the results thereof.

We display due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, circumstances, and traditions of others.

We demonstrate the specialized knowledge, competency, honesty, accountability, self-regulation, and demeanor required in our industry.

Populist Cleaning Co

A full-service commercial cleaning and janitorial services company serving all of Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio including the Adrian, Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Belleville, Brighton, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Howell, Livonia, Manchester, Monroe, Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Rochester, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Tecumseh, Toledo, Troy, Warren, Wayne, Westland, Wixom, and Ypsilanti communities since 1980.