The 7 Reasons Why Professionalism Matters

How do you view yourself?  Do you consider yourself a professional? Did you know that viewing yourself as a professional turns out to be a big deal? How you view yourself has transformation power, and viewing yourself as a professional is part of that transformational power. Showing up as a professional is the type of [...]


Populist Cleaning Co. was Founded in January of 1980 – 40 Years Ago!

We all have a story to tell and I want to share a bit of mine with you. In 1976 my father, Dan Eller, resigned from his tenured teaching position as a Professor of Music at Eastern Michigan University to embark on a new path in life. He chose not to conform to the mold required to continue [...]


The Eisenhower Center – A Quality Partner

Eisenhower Center - A Quality Partner Populist Cleaning Co. has a wonderful variety of customers. We clean large and small office facilities, medical clinics, light industrial facilities, banks and credit unions, to name a few. We are always on the look out for potential quality employees to help us care for our facilities. People who align with our [...]


A bit more on Populist Core Values

Many companies have Core Values We spent the better part of a year clarifying ours. So, what do they actually mean to us here at Populist Cleaning Co? Our core values are specific, essential virtues and guiding principles that we use to define the culture of our company. They also offer [...]


Populist Core Values in Practice

Our Populist Office manager, Beverly, is an excellent example of an employee who gracefully embodies all of our core values. She clearly demonstrates commitment, hard work, individual responsibility, respect, and professionalism each and every day. Since coming to work for Populist in 2010, our hard-working office manager has had to learn many varied tasks and deal with many different [...]


The Populist Brand – Our Core Values

The Populist Brand: Our Core Values Commitment Hard Work Individual Responsibility Respect Professionalism The Vision of Populist Cleaning Co. articulates our purpose and defines the heart and soul of who we are as a company.  It puts into concise, meaningful phrases what we aspire to offer to all those we encounter - our current customers and employees as well as [...]


The Populist Brand – Our Vision

quality partnering matters The Populist Brand: Our Vision  To provide our partners with opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth.  To offer the most comprehensive approach to staff support and customer care in our market. Populist Cleaning Co was founded to provide necessary income to support two growing families, while at the same time offer freedom [...]

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