The Populist Brand: Our Core Values


Hard Work

Individual Responsibility



The Vision of Populist Cleaning Co. articulates our purpose and defines the heart and soul of who we are as a company.  It puts into concise, meaningful phrases what we aspire to offer to all those we encounter – our current customers and employees as well as potential customers and employees.

Our Core Values are virtues that are important to us. They are essential and guiding principles that define the culture of our company.

While our Vision articulates our purpose, our Core Values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviors and mindset needed to achieve our vision.

We use our Core Values to:

  • Guide our daily conversations, behavior, and actions while on the job for Populist.
  • Evaluate current and potential employees: hire, fire, train, reward, promote, and review.
  • Evaluate current operational policies and procedures and guide the development of new policies and procedures.

We refer to these important company values often. They provide inspiration and strengthen us as a team, so that we may continually improve the way we do business together.

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