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The Populist Brand: Our Vision 

To provide our partners with opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth. 

To offer the most comprehensive approach to staff support and customer care in our market.

Populist Cleaning Co was founded to provide necessary income to support two growing families, while at the same time offer freedom to pursue personal interests and callings.

Similarly, many of our very best employees work for us to provide extra income for themselves and their families. They come to work after working a full-time day job - when most likely they would rather be - well, just about any place other than cleaning a toilet.

These industrious people know the value of hard work - with the results going much further than the extra money they earned. Cleaning is hard, but honest work, and becoming better at cleaning tasks can provide important experience and confidence to help in other pursuits. If you’re willing to clean a toilet, and clean it well for an extended period of time, the discipline you exercise easily transfers to other endeavors.

This determination to overcome financial obstacles not only strengthens us mentally and physically, but it provides a worthy example for all who know us. When we take care of ourselves and those we are responsible for, we demonstrate on a daily basis the best we can be and the best we have to offer our families and our communities.

Supporting our staff actually begins with our rigorous hiring practices that offer a real-world view of the commercial cleaning industry. Not everyone is a good fit, and it's best for all concerned to find this out up front. We take time to work with each new employee and continually work to help them reach and maintain optimal job performance. Our daytime office staff and evening managers are on duty to provide support, answer questions, and help with issues that may arise.

Equally important partners are our valued customers. These industrious men and women also know the value of hard work. They should be free to run their businesses as they need to without having to worry about who is in their facility at night, or if the cleaning services they have contracted are being performed. In all honesty, there are other cleaning service providers that can clean and remove trash well.

Our passion is earning the trust and confidence of our customers and providing comprehensive janitorial services with exceptional ease in communication.