Populist Cleaning Co Core Values

Many companies have Core Values

We spent the better part of a year clarifying ours.

So, what do they actually mean to us here at Populist Cleaning Co?

Our core values are specific, essential virtues and guiding principles that we use to define the culture of our company. They also offer a set of guidelines on the behaviors and mindset we need to achieve our company’s vision.

We don’t just put them up on a wall. We use them to guide our daily conversations, behavior, and actions while on the job for Populist. Our management team uses them to evaluate current and potential employees – hire, fire, train, reward, promote, and review. And, they are used to evaluate our current policies and procedures and guide the development of new ones.

Our core values define and measure our accountability to our employees and customers. They set the guidelines for our commitment to act and react in certain ways. They are the yardstick, so to speak, our company chooses to be measured by.

Here are a few lines on each core value submitted by our staff:


Showing responsibility and following through on what we say we are going to do.

Maintaining a strong sense of intention, persistence, and determination.

People cooperate at a higher level when they share commitment.

Commitment fosters camaraderie, trust, and caring — things a company needs to keep it going for the long run.

Hard Work

Displaying a great deal of effort or endurance to work intelligently and vigorously at a set of tasks.

Completing a job on time and in budget.

Doing a job or a task that challenges you and ultimately makes you stronger.

Individual Responsibility

Be responsible for yourself and the commitments you’ve made!

Be responsible for your own actions, choices and the results thereof.

Don’t blame others or expect a free pass.

Don’t hide, own the truth!


True respect is something that is earned over time.

It’s important in any business relationship to:

    • Treat people consistently and fairly.
    • Demonstrate understanding and consideration for each other.
    • Accept personal differences.
    • Work to solve problems without rudeness.
    • Never intentionally ridicule, embarrass, or hurt others.


Be a good role model for others.

Know your job!

Treat others fairly and consistently.

Communicate effectively and appropriately.

Fully encompass all other stated Core Values stated above!

Out of all the virtues and values one can live up to, these five speak to all we’ve learned to get to where we are now. They also speak to where we want to go, and how we want to get there.

The specifics of what we do aren’t glamorous. Cleaning up after others is most often the job that is made fun of – you all know the stereotypes of being the janitor.  Maybe that’s why we work extra hard on our employer/employee and customer relationships.

Because, in actuality, we’re in the people business first and we believe that quality partnering matters.