Thank Your Cleaner Day™ is October 21st, 2020! 

Did you know that Populist Cleaning Co. has almost 100 employees who work for us on a regular basis? Our employees are wonderful people who come from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances.

Many of our very best employees work for us to provide extra income for themselves and their families. They come to work for Populist after working a full-time day job when most likely they would rather be, well, just about any place other than cleaning a toilet.

We all like to feel valued and appreciated. Acknowledging and sharing our appreciation for our cleaners’ hard work and commitment boosts morale and fosters positive relationships in an industry often looked down upon and made fun of. 

Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world, yet most of the people undertaking this important work are invisible to you. Every day, tens of thousands of skilled, hardworking cleaning staff are on-site to ensure premises are ready to go for the next business day. Cleaners work day, night, and weekends to keep your working and living environments clean, safe, and hygienic, often outside of normal working hours.

Thank Your Cleaner Day™ recognizes the hard work cleaners do and lets them know they are valued and appreciated. This year’s Thank Your Cleaner Day™ will be held on October 21st, 2020. Companies around the world that are cleaned and maintained by cleaning contractors will be supporting Thank Your Cleaner Day™.

Why not join them and take this opportunity to thank the cleaners who are looking after your premises? Here are a few examples of what some of our customers have done in the past for our cleaners: leave a simple note of appreciation, give them a Thank You card, collect $1 from everyone in the office and leave it in a card, leave a box of candy or even donuts, or whatever you feel is appropriate. The important thing is to let your cleaner know you recognize and value their work, and you are aware of their vital contribution to your business. We all like to feel valued and appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration!

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