Does your facility project a positive and professional impression?

Does it show that you care about the health and well-being of your employees and clients? Do you maintain a standard of cleanliness that creates a welcoming environment for all who enter?

ISSA- The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association completed an extensive study connecting cleaning (a clean facility) to a business’ productivity levels and profitability. Interesting discoveries include:

  • the impact of clean on occupant wellness and improved productivity
  • occupant wellness and the impact of absenteeism
  • image enhancement leading to greater customer satisfaction
  • asset preservation
  • energy savings
  • and more

View more information about the Value of Clean in this ISSA video.

Or, check out their infographic

Cleaning has a very real and measurable value and can be a valuable investment in employee productivity, better health, a better environment, and a better bottom line. Interested in learning more?   Contact Populist Cleaning Co. today to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation.