Populist Cleaning Co QPE

What to Expect from a Cleaning Company Running on E.O.S.®

How you spend your time at work is crucial to your business.

When you clock in to start your week, what’s the first thing you do? Do you grab a cup of coffee before you wrap up that project from last week, or do you dreadfully open your email to a cleaning complaint you’ve addressed with your current cleaner twice already?

If it’s the latter, it’s time to change that.

We’re Populist Cleaning Co. We’re not like most cleaning companies.

Picture this: instead of chasing your cleaner down just to hear “we’ll address this immediately” again, you could work with a quality partner that will proactively keep your facility clean

We get it. It sounds like a big statement, especially when you’ve become accustomed to walking into filled trash cans and dirty sinks. However, our team at Populist Cleaning Co follows an operating system called E.O.S., the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to help prevent issues or mitigate them before they get too big.

Here’s how we do it:

Processes: We create, implement, and follow them. To provide quality service, we instill a process into everything we do. From gathering all information necessary to ensure we’re a good fit during the sales process to assigning an account manager that best fits your needs, we mean everything.

Communication/Issues: We address and resolve issues together. Each function of Populist gathers weekly in Level 10 meetings, which consist of task breakdowns, dedicated time to identify issues and solutions, and share headlines to keep the organization aligned on what’s going on at Populist.

Right People, Right Seat/Accountability: Culture is an important part of Populist, and our core values hold us accountable to embrace that culture. Commitment, hard work, individual responsibility, respect, and professionalism are values we use to determine if team members fit.

At Populist Cleaning Co, we choose to use E.O.S. principles and tools, not just to deliver cleaning services, but also to foster quality relationships with our clients. By prioritizing trust, communication, and transparency, we strive to become more than just cleaners – we become valued partners in your success.

It’s time to let us focus on your cleaning, so you can focus on you! Save 10% on your first cleaning service by reaching out to us before March 31st.