Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting against COVID-19.

Populist Cleaning Co is working to ensure that the CDC guidance is clearly and properly understood by our customers and associates. Here are 4 key messages and considerations about cleaning and disinfecting to keep in mind, especially as traditional “return to work” plans progress, when having conversations with cleaning service providers and property/facility managers.

Considerations for Cleaning and Disinfecting Shared Spaces

The CDC recommends knowing these four things as you consider opening buildings and bringing larger groups of people together in shared spaces:

    1. Any maintenance program should include both traditional “cleaning” and disinfecting. Wiping surfaces with microfiber cloth and cleaning solution is essential to removing pathogens. Best in class cleaning programs use EPA-registered disinfectants like electrolyzed water, hypochlorous acid, ozonated water products with pathogen kill capabilities, and peroxide-based cleaners that kill pathogens instead of simply removing them and possibly transferring them to other surfaces.
    2. Disinfecting techniques such as electrostatic spraying and UV light are effective at killing pathogens. However, these techniques should be used as supplemental cleaning by trained professional cleaners when other people are not present. Without the proper training and protective equipment, these techniques can be dangerous. CCA and BSCAI member companies are experienced in using these techniques and understand when, where and how to use them.
    3. The best cleaning programs are not just about products used, but also cleaning procedures. All spaces should have clear cleaning protocols, including routine cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces with disinfectant cleaner one time per day with increasing frequency of high touch points based on traffic and occupancy, competency validation for janitorial staff, and policies for decontamination of spills of blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids.
    4. Highly effective cleaning programs are reevaluated over time. Initial facility assessments should identify high touch point areas and the most appropriate areas for hand sanitizing stations and signage locations. Cleaning procedures should then be periodically monitored and assessed using visual inspections, fluorescent markers, and evidence-based testing to ensure that they are consistently and correctly performed.

This information is courtesy of the Cleaning Coalition of America and BSCAI [Building Service Contractors Association International], April 2021. Click here to visit the CDC page directly.

Redefining Cleaning

As a member of BSCAI and the Cleaning Coalition of America, Populist Cleaning Co is working with experts to champion best-in-class disinfecting procedures. With EPA certified disinfectants, enhanced training and equipment, we are redefining clean and creating healthier spaces for the future.

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