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Have you looked at your floors lately?

Ceramic, stone, and other hard surface tile is being used more and more in commercial facilities. The almost limitless palette of colors and styles that are available as well as its extreme durability and low maintenance make it an excellent option for commercial flooring.

There is, however, some maintenance required to keep your tile and grout looking like it did the day it was installed. Have you ever walked into a rest room or foyer, wrinkled your nose, and thought, “Oh yuck!” because of dingy tile and dirty grout lines?

Traditional cleaning of commercial flooring surfaces usually involves regular mopping with soap and water. But, consider this: the grout lines act like gutters. As the mop glides across the surface of the floor, much of the soiled water drops into the grout lines. What makes matters worse is the fact that grout is porous and over time absorbs that soiled water – ultimately changing the appearance of the grout. If you have a textured tile, then some of the soiled water is staying in the tile as well.

The build-up of soil over time is unavoidable, especially so in heavily trafficked areas, and extra measures must be taken to extract the dirt and soil from the tile and grout. Traditional measures such as scrubbing tile and grout, chemically shocking the surface, and other measures will not work or can actually be harmful to the floor.

Populist Cleaning Co offers a proven cleaning process that restores your tile floors. Keeping your floor surfaces clean and bright will not only help promote a healthy environment but convey a positive image to your customers and your staff.

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