These beautiful pictures with the deep blue of the evening sky, the striking orange of the setting sun, and the approaching dark shadows of night illustrate in real life what we wanted to evoke in our logo.

The sun is setting. Many people are heading home for the day, but, rain or snow, heat or cold, that’s when most of us here at Populist Cleaning Co. head out for our nightly work responsibilities.

As janitors and cleaners, we get a different view of the workplace. Most of the hustle and bustle of busy employees has quieted down and even the telephones are silent. It’s almost too peaceful to want to run a vacuum cleaner. Emptying the trash, dusting and wiping, sweeping and mopping are done best in these quiet afterhours. Getting our facilities ready for our customers to resume their activities the next day is what we do, and we’re pretty happy about that.

Populist Cleaning Co. is an independently owned, full-service commercial cleaning company founded on one simple idea: offer our customers the best possible service, quality , and value.

Our tag line, when quality partnering matters, expresses our belief in the importance of building long-term, quality relationships. We want to be know as a company that provides excellent customer care and service and captures the hearts of of its employees – in other works, a quality partner to all our professional associates.

Populist cleaning Logo

Populist Cleaning Co.

quality partnering matters