What are Day Porter Services?

Day Porters help keep busy areas of facilities clean, safe, and comfortable for employees, clients, and visitors throughout the day during regular business hours.

Day Porters work behind the scenes without disrupting regular workday activities. It’s their job to make sure your facility looks clean, presentable, and inviting at all times. They can also ensure the premises are safe for all occupants by taking care of spills, marking off slippery floors, and providing continual cleaning/sanitizing of high touch point areas.

Day Porter duties can include:

    • Maintaining cleanliness of lobbies and other common areas
    • Spot mopping floors and placing caution signs
    • Vacuuming rugs and carpeted areas
    • Sweeping parking areas and entrances, picking up trash and litter
    • Servicing restrooms: empty trash containers, restock paper supplies, clean toilets, sinks, and countertops
    • Emptying trash in common areas
    • Dusting/wiping countertops and other surfaces
    • Wiping down window glass and elevator surfaces
    • Cleaning and sanitizing high touch areas that require frequent attention: handles and railings, light switches, tables and countertops, touch screens, elevator and intercom buttons, faucets and sinks, toilets, stall doors and toilet paper dispensers, phones, computer stations and keyboards, desks and desk chairs, locker handles and exercise equipment, cupboard doors and handles

The appearance of your facility affects all who enter. Studies prove that a clean, well-maintained environment improves both morale and productivity. Customers consistently say they think twice about returning to a facility where the restrooms are not clean and well maintained. Check out The Value of Clean for more information.

Your Peace of Mind Begins with Clean

A day porter adds visibility to your cleaning efforts as most cleaning is performed after business hours. This visibility adds comfort and a sense of care and trust for your employees, customers, and visitors. Light switches, door handles, faucets, drinking fountains, kitchen areas, copy rooms, restrooms, vending machines, and other common areas throughout your building are touched by many people, many times per day. A day porter can reduce the risk of germs being spread by performing multiple cleanings on these common touch points throughout the day.

Managing perception is critical! At a minimum consider having a cleaning professional come by your facility sometime during the day for an hour or two to wipe clean these touch points with an EPA approved disinfectant.

Interested in finding out if a Day Porter is right for your facility? Our hard-working Populist Team is here to help you prepare to bring back your employees, clients, and customers. We are keeping up to date with EPA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines and best practices for our day-to-day work responsibilities.

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