Populist Cleaning Crew at work

Populist Core Value: Professionalism

We demonstrate the specialized knowledge, competency, honesty, accountability, self-regulation, and demeanor required in the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry.

Why is professionalism essential at Populist Cleaning Co?

  • It creates a positive impression. When employees behave professionally, they make a good impression on customers, clients, and other stakeholders. We believe that this can help to attract new business and to build relationships with existing customers.
  • It leads to trust. When our employees behave professionally, they build trust with our colleagues, managers, and customers. This trust is essential for building strong relationships and for achieving goals.
  • It fosters productivity. When our employees behave professionally, they are more likely to be focused and to get their work done. They are also more likely to be willing to go the extra mile.
  • It reduces risk: When our employees are professional, they are more likely to follow our company policies and procedures.

We encourage professionalism at Populist Cleaning Co by:

  • Setting clear expectations: Employees need to know what is expected of them in terms of professional behavior.
  • Providing regular feedback: Employees need to know how they are doing in terms of professional behavior in order to stay motivated.
  • Rewarding and recognizing accomplishments: Employees need to be rewarded for their hard work and professional behavior in order to stay motivated.
  • Creating a positive work environment: Employees need to feel like they are part of a team and that they are valued in order to behave professionally.

Professionalism is the ability to behave in a way that is appropriate to the situation. It is characterized by a sense of competence, courtesy, and respect.