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3 Easy Ways to Stay Out in Front of COVID-19 Issues and to Show Your Staff and Customers You Care!

  1. Download our COVID-19 Safety Signage examples and use them wherever they may be appropriate in your facility.

  2. Make sure all conference rooms, lobbies, kitchens, etc… have a consistent supply of disinfectant, wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissue in each of these areas, every single day.

  3. Add a day porter to your regular cleaning routine. A day porter adds visibility to your cleaning efforts as most cleaning is performed after business hours. This visibility adds comfort and a sense of care and trust for your staff. Light switches, door handles, faucets, drinking fountains, kitchen areas, copy rooms, restrooms, vending machines, and other common areas throughout your building are touched by many people,many times per day. A day porter can reduce the risk of germs being spread by performing multiple cleanings on these common touch points.

At a minimum consider having a cleaning professional come by your facility sometime during the day for an hour or two to wipe clean these touch points with an EPA approved disinfectant.

Managing perception is critical!

You may also want to check out this valuable resource from AIHA – American Industrial Hygiene Association.