If you’re paying your cleaning vendor to perform the same tasks they were performing a few months ago, you could be wasting money and not getting the value you need.

Pre-Covid, standard specifications consisted of the standard cleaning of floors, door glass, dusting/spot wiping surfaces, vacuuming, and emptying many waste receptacles.  These tasks were generally performed at acceptable levels in most facilities. “Acceptable” was defined as what can be seen. If it looks clean, it must be clean was the predominant thinking.

Focused attention to detailed cleaning methods and disinfecting the most important areas were typically not a priority. Cleaning for appearance outweighed cleaning for health!

Priorities are changing. Buildings are protecting against unseen germs, bacteria, and viruses. Now is the time to ask some questions.

  • What services are most important and should be performed with the highest frequency possible?
  • Which services can be reduced in frequency?
  • Do you have the same financial resources that allow you to continue with pre-COVID auto-pilot services or are there opportunities to explore?

A careful approach may allow you to refocus attention and valuable resources.

Consider your occupancy levels. Facilities once requiring 200-300 waste baskets to be emptied, many desks to wipe and dust, conference rooms and kitchens to clean, and many restrooms to service now have only 25-50% of the previous occupancy each day.

Is there an opportunity for you to bring focused value to your team members that must be on site daily?

  • Some of our customers have us perform detailed tasks for the employees that must be on site.  These tasks include disinfecting all the touch points of their personal space every single evening (desks, mouse, phones, keyboards, drawer and cabinet knobs, chair arms and adjusters, etc…). Keeping these staff members feeling happy, safe and secure is extremely important in today’s business climate.
  • Other customers with a higher priority on budget have engaged their own employees to be part of the cleaning process. They clean their own personal space, allowing us to remain highly focused on cleaning and disinfecting common areas.
  • Perception is reality! Have you thought about trying a part time day porter? Providing your employees with a trained, certified, uniformed professional to meet the daily needs of your workspace can protect your team from unseen germs, bacteria and viruses. Best of all, this provides a sense of comfort and security and can often be performed in 2 hours or less. And your team will know that you are looking out for them!

The holiday season is upon us. These times bring us special moments with family and friends. However, it is also the season when germs spread. We’re here to help you mitigate this so that you and your staff can enjoy the holidays ahead.

Give us a call, we’ll take care of you.