Common sense cleaning at Populist Cleaning Co

It’s through trying times that we often learn the most about business, home, and life at large. We’d like to share the 3 biggest things we’ve learned and how they’ve applied to life at work for all of us here at Populist.

Interestingly, when we do the math, we discover that most people actually spend between 30-40% of their life at work or thinking about work. After factoring in sleep, there’s not much time left over!  Therefore, in an atmosphere where information is coming at us faster than we’re often able to absorb, we need to be alert and aware of what matters most!

  1. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Cash is King”. This may be true, but we also think Common Sense is King. In recent months we’ve all witnessed much hype and fear on a number of different issues. This is also true regarding issues specific to the commercial cleaning industry.

For our partners – our staff and customers – we’ve learned that these common sense and thorough cleaning practices are the tried and true methods that should be followed closely:

    • Disinfecting of restrooms and other common touch points throughout buildings helps reduce the spread of germs.
    • Frequent cleaning of populated areas helps reduce the spread of germs.
    • Regular laundering of microfiber cleaning rags with hot water and soap kills the germs and viruses collected during use.

There are many special services being offered in the cleaning industry today. Some are worthy of their claims. Do your homework and never stray too far from the basics: common sense cleaning practices!

  1. Question everything that comes your way. You’ll find that some things should remain the same while others will warrant a change. For example, many companies have encouraged their own employees to be invested in the cleanliness of their facility. Taking ownership and cleaning their own personal space can allow limited resources to be re-focused on other areas. What can you re-evaluate?
  2. Be patient. Today’s “news” will likely be old news tomorrow. Policies, practices, requirements, and regulations have changed on a dime in recent months. Be patient, take a breath, and understand what works for you and your team.

As we navigate the months ahead, we’ll continue to provide the commonsense calm that our partners appreciate. We’ll question all information that comes forward and evaluate changes worthy of consideration. We’ll continue to exercise patience, understanding that things change quickly. Most important, we’ll work together to discover the best practices for you and your facility.

We’re here to help you navigate the day to day “fast balls” that can come your way. We help our partners eliminate the frustrations they can experience in the cleaning of their work space.

We’re here to help!