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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – September 2021

Populist Cleaning Co Core Values

On Teamwork:

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

A message from Mike

We all have a story to tell. The commercial cleaning business is where we landed 41 years ago. Aside from our daily janitorial responsibilities and the small business grind of compliance, regulation, taxes, liability, etc… our primary focus is the quality of the partnerships we choose to forge with our people, both customers and employees.

People are an extremely important part of our business, hence our name, Populist. How do we enhance these partnerships? Through a variety of ways – training, listening, responding, understanding, exercising empathy, patience, and discipline. Also, knowing that respect is reciprocal, by instilling and nurturing such core principles and values as commitment, hard work, individual responsibility, and professionalism. We believe we have a moral obligation to do what we do with the intent of doing it right every time. This is what we mean by quality partnering.

Yep, it’s hard work. But, it’s worth it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mike Eller,  Co-owner, Populist Cleaning Co

Employee Celebrations lettering
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Happy September Birthday Wishes to:

Lori Jankowski

Michael Eller

Michael Eberline

Kyle Mather

Evie Peeling

Bobby Grams

Cody Hicks

Natalie Henderson

William Vinson

Jesse Arehart

Philip Hill

Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

Greg Hanby, 5 years

Danny Eller, 2 years

Evie Peeling, 2 years

Gafer Bega, 1 year

Nexhmije Bega, 1 year

Claudia DeLopez, 1 year

Joanie, what would we do without you?

We wanted to take a moment to recognize one of our hardest working employees and honor her commitment to Populist Cleaning Co.

Joanie Recker, Populist employee

Joanie Recker has been with us seven years. She was originally hired to lead the administrative activities for our sister company, Aria On-Site. She quickly mastered her responsibilities with Aria and happily began a variety of duties for Populist that have included cleaning, hiring, finance analyses, banking, HR functions, and payroll, just to name a few. As a member of the Populist Leadership Team, her experience, knowledge, and insight both challenge us and contribute to our company goals.

Joanie works tirelessly, holds herself to high standards, and takes responsibility for her actions. She is always concerned about the well being of others. Her approach to all her work activities epitomize commitment, hard work, and individual responsibility!

We are both humbled by and proud of all our management level staff members. It’s a pleasure to come to the office each day because of the authentic vibe that comes from such a positive, productive group of people!

Special Shout Outs

We work with so many wonderful people! This month we would like to recognize these employees:

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Realie Peterson and Zackary Burks for doing an exceptional job at MMG working over on a daily basis fulfilling multiple job schedules.

Jon Dahl for his consistent professionalism.

Claudia DeLopez for her consistent hard work.

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Shout-out to Christian Gambino for filling in and doing a great job will I was on vacation.

Shout-out to all the Floaters, Nickol Beason, Don Richter, Deshawn Thomas, Tim Bates, and Phil Hill for covering everyone’s summer vacations.

To all the staff out there that we have not been able to reach out personally THANK YOU for working diligently. You are very much appreciated!

Populist blue heart
Awesome work Thank you

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Shout out to all the Area Assistants, Nick Rose, Stephanie Herring, Christian Gambino, and Realie Peterson as they continue to show inspiring levels of commitment!

Shout out to Don Reed for always being will to take more on!

Shout out to all our awesome Floaters: Nickol Beason, Don Richter, Deshawn Thomas, Tim Bates, and Phil Hill, they are the rock stars of this company!

Populist Orange Heart


Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

As we continue to see increases in foot traffic, it will be very important to check all areas of your building each shift.

Be sure to sweep those floors prior to mopping them.

As our clients’ staff return to their workspaces, let’s be sure they know we’ve taken care of their building in while they were working from home!  😊

Let’s be checking ALL our trash cans as more and more people are coming back to work.

Populist Safety Second

Are you lifting safely?

How to lift safely infographic
Professional Development

Commitment + Hard Work = Productivity

Commitment and Hard Work are the first two of our Populist Core Values – what can they mean to you?

We are Hiring


Populist Main

CHU – Chelsea – part-time @ 3 hours – Mon-Fri

DFCUA – Plymouth – part-time @ 1.5 hours – Mon-Fri

FAA – Belleville – part-time @ 3 hours – Mon-Fri

HTC – Chelsea – part-time @ 3 hours – Mon, Tue, Fri

KAP – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 2-3 hours – Mon-Fri

L32 – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 1.5 hours – Tues & Thurs

350 – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 3 hours – Mon-Fri

NAJ – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 2 slots 2.5 hours each – Mon-Fri

PIV – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 3 hours – Tues, Thur

PPF – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 2 slots 5 hours each – Mon-Fri

TAV – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 2 slots 2 hours each – Mon-Fri

XOR – Ann Arbor – part-time @ 2.5 hours – Mon, Wed, Fri

Day slots

350 – Ann Arbor @ 1.5 hours – Mon-Fri

YFH – Ann Arbor @ 1 hour – Monday

XOR  – Ann Arbor@ 1.5 hours – Tues, Fri

Populist Main 

NB, Ann Arbor, 2 hrs, Monday and Wednesday – clean and trash; 5 hrs, Friday clean, trash, vacuuming and mopping

NAB, Ann Arbor, 2 hrs Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 1 hour Tuesday, Thursday – trash only

QTM, Saline, 5 hours, M-F,

Can be split into 2 shifts: 2.5 hours for clean and wiping / 2.5 hours for trash, vacuuming and mopping.

ECHR, Brighton,  Sunday thru Thursday 10pm – 6am; Saturday only 10am-6pm

Populist East

DFCU-A Plymouth 1.5 hours M-Sat

MMG Farmington Hills 8 hours M-F

SMW Farmington 2.5 hours M-F

MMG Farmington Hills 3.5 hours M-F

Floater Populist East area 8 hours M-F

EMQ – Evening Porter position 5pm-1am

REG (Warren MI, Hoover and 13 Mile) Mon-Fri after 5pm (7hrs/night)

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

Refer a friend and take advantage of our Employee Referral Bonus Program!

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Populist Cleaning Co Referral Bonus Program

Populist Cleaning Crew

Refer a Friend!

You refer them. We hire them. You get:

$250 for each part-time employee referred*

$500 for each full-time employee referred*

IF they have not worked for us before

IF you let us know of your referral BEFORE they apply.

IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

⇒ A special bonus of $1000 will be given to the top referrer of quality partners each year! ⇐

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