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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – October 2021

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Important Contact Updates You Need to Know

Keep this information handy!

Joanie Recker begins her official maternity leave on 10/29/2021!

 She will not be available for calls, texts, or emails after this date. Please make sure to contact the correct person/department for your questions or requests starting today! This will help you to get into the habit.

Here’s your new contact information:

  • Call-Offs – Contact the office (734) 482-1800
  • PTO or Sick Time  Contact your Area Manager
  • More Hours/Building Changes – Contact your Area Manager
  • Raises or paycheck related questions – Contact your Area Manager
  • Missed clock in/out – Contact your area manager
  • Employment verifications – Contact Corrine Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or 317-721-7395
  • Insurance questions or issues – Contact Corrine Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or 317-721-7395

For any other inquiry, please contact your Area Manager or the office. We will make sure your question gets sent to the correct person.

a message from director of ops
Thank Your Cleaner Day Poster

Worldwide Thank Your Cleaner Day™ is October 20th

We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our faithful family of cleaners!

We recognize and value your hard work. We want you to understand your vital contribution to our customers’ businesses.

  • Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world, yet most of the people performing this important work are invisible to the businesses they service.
  • Every day, tens of thousands of skilled, hard working cleaning staff are on-site to ensure their buildings are ready to go for the next business day.
  • Cleaners work day, night, and weekends to keep working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic, often outside of normal working hours.
  • The work of professional cleaners is an essential component in the fight against pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Did you know we now have our own special day? Thank Your Cleaner Day™ recognizes the hard work cleaners do and lets them know they are valued and appreciated. This year’s Thank Your Cleaner Day™ will be held on October 20th 2021.

Companies around the world that are cleaned and maintained by cleaning contractors, will be supporting Thank Your Cleaner Day™.

We all like to feel valued and appreciated. Acknowledging and sharing our appreciation for the hard work and commitment of our entire Populist Team boosts morale and fosters positive relationships in an industry often looked down upon and made fun of. Worldwide Thank Your Cleaner Day™  was organized to do just that!

Click or Tap the Flip Boxes to View the Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy October Birthday Wishes to:

Joanie Recker

Greg Hanby

Deshawn Thomas

Jonathan Delonnay

Danny Eller

Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

Deshawn Thomas, 9 years

Theresa McNulty, 8 years

Lori Jankowski, 8 years

Kimura Spencer, 7 years

Michael Eller, 6 years

Jesse Wieger, 5 years

Carol Spires, 3 years

Brittany McCullough, 2 years

Adnan Ghrbal, 2 years

Mark White, 1 year

Special Shout Outs

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Realie Peterson for constantly filling extra slots and being an example of the core values.
Deshawn Thomas & Christian Gambino
for constantly helping out East.
Lori Jankowski
for being the epitome of team work.
Jon Dahl
for his professionalism, commitment, hard work, and picking up an extra building ( that made 3 ) when he was on vacation from his day job.
Claudia DeLopez
for picking up extra slots and her professionalism.

From Area Manager Cody Hicks:

Shout-out to Jacob Sanderlin and Summer Myers for their hard work and dedication at CTM.

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Shout-out t0 Deshawn Thomas for floating between branches to cover open slots. This is greatly appreciated!

Welcome Todd Ingram to the Populist Team!

Happy face
2 girls with clipboard

From Area Manager Jesse Arehart:

Welcome Ashley Smith and Maurice Cunningham! You’ve already received compliments from our customer.

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Here’s a sincere shout-out to ALL OF US, for the excellent work we do when no one is looking!!!

To all the staff out there that we have not been able to reach out to personally:  THANK YOU for your commitment, hard work, individual responsibility, and professionalism. You are very much appreciated!

Populist Safety Second

Basic Chemical Safety:

Know what you’re cleaning with:

  1. Always use chemicals approved by Populist (do not bring or use chemicals that you are not approved).
  2. Always use properly labeled bottles when cleaning.
  3. Know that the site Data books have Safety Data Sheets (SDS Sheets) included for the chemicals you are using.
    1. These sheets include important safety information about the chemicals.
  4. Basic Populist cleaning chemicals (not an exhaustive List):
    1. Maxim (also: DNA): Non-acidic Bathroom cleaner – Disinfectant – #16: for bathrooms and multi-surface cleaning
    2. 3M No. 17 glass cleaner: for glass and multi-surface cleaning
    3. Damp Mop – #4: for mopping floors and used in floor scrubbers.
    4. Bright Solutions Non-Solvent Degreaser # 19: for floor and multi-surface cleaning.
    5. Low Acid Bowl cleaner: for toilet bowl cleaning.

Use proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

  1. Wear safety glasses to prevent chemicals from splashing into the eye.
  2. Wear appropriate gloves when working with chemicals to avoid skin contact.

Wash your hands:

It is important to wash your hands and other exposed areas of the skin before eating, smoking, or after using the restroom.


Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

From Lori Jankowski:

Let’s all take a minute and check all our corners for cobwebs this month.

From Steve Amayo:

When changing trash or recycle liners, always pull the liner if there is any food, liquid or wrappers compared to dumping the contents in your barrel. Even if the only items are paper in the trash liner, still pull the liner if its been a couple of days. NEVER just pluck debris out of the liner as it will leave a “volcano” looking point in the middle of your liner leaving a very obvious sign of us not changing the liner.

We are Hiring


Populist Main

350 – Ann Arbor  trash, vac, mop – M-F 3 hrs

303 – Ann Arbor  trash, vac, mop  M-F 2 hrs

SS3 – Ann Arbor  full clean M-F 3 hrs

HTC – Chelsea  Monday, Tuesday, Friday only 3.5 hrs ***all 5 days will be available starting 10.1.21 – (20 hrs per week with all 5 days open)

CHU –  Chelsea Urology Clinic – Chelsea  M-F  2.5 hrs

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration – Belleville M-F 2.5 hrs

L32 – Ann Arbor  Tuesday & Thursday 1.5 hrs

PIV – PIDC  Ann Arbor  Tuesday & Thursday 2.5 hrs

PPF – Park Place Five  Ann Arbor  (cleaning & trash, vac, mop)  M-F  5 hrs each slot

TAV –  Ann Arbor  (clean & trash, vac, mop) M-F 2 hrs each slot

XOR – Ann Arbor  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  3.5 hrs

Day Porter – 350 M-F 1.5 hrs

Day Porter – 303  M-F 1.5 hrs

Days – YFH – 1 hr – Mondays only

FOX –  Rawsonville (Belleville) – flexible start times starting as early as 5:00pm, 5  hours M-F

Populist Main 

NB – Ann Arbor 1.5 hrs, Monday and Wednesday – clean and trash Friday 3 hrs

NAB – Ann Arbor 2.5 hrs Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 1 hour Tuesday, Thursday – trash only

ECHR – Brighton  Saturday only; 7.5 hrs, 10am-6pm

Populist East

DFCU – A Plymouth 1.5 hrs M-Sat

MMG –  Farmington Hills 8 hrs M-F

MMG –  Farmington Hills 4 hrs M-F

MMG – Farmington Hills (vacuum only) 6 hrs M-F

Floater – Populist East area 8 hrs M-F

APS – Southfield 6 hrs M-F

RND – Livonia (warehouse area) 5 hrs M-F

CET –  Southfield 3 hrs M-Sat

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

Refer a friend and take advantage of our Employee Referral Bonus Program!

Here’s an easy way to find your employee pages on our website:

Your employee information pages don’t appear in the main menu of the website. We’ve created a page that will be easy to remember when you want to check in.

Simply type in populistcleaning.com/employee into your search bar.

This page will list the links for direct access to our various online forms, newsletters, and such. Remember to bookmark the page on your phone or computer for easy access in the future!

Populist Cleaning Co Referral Bonus Program

Populist Cleaning Crew

Refer a Friend!

You refer them. We hire them. You get:

$250 for each part-time employee referred*

$500 for each full-time employee referred*

IF they have not worked for us before

IF you let us know of your referral BEFORE they apply.

IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

⇒ A special bonus of $1000 will be given to the top referrer of quality partners each year! ⇐

Quality Partnering Matters 1