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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – November 2021

Corri Doyle

Corri and her cat, Gato!

Meet Corri Doyle, our HR expert while Joanie is on maternity leave.

Corri's cat, Gato

Hi there! My name is Corri Doyle!

I work with TurningPoint Human Capital Management as the Human Resources Integrator and your personal Human Resources Representative. I have my Master’s Degree and am almost done getting my Ph.D. in Human Resources. I love working in HR because it allows me to do “internal” customer service (aka taking care of our employees). You can always reach me via email, phone, or text (all of my contact information is listed below).

Here is some personal information about me: I live in Indianapolis with my significant human counterpart (named Orlando), our cat (named Gato), our 250-gallon coral reef tank, our 5.5-gallon freshwater planted tank, and my 45 house plants. I have been in school full-time since I was three years old and work two jobs. So, my free time is precious to me as it’s few and far between. During my precious free time, I love to watch foreign drama TV shows and cook. Unfortunately, that leaves me very little time to clean, so you don’t get to see any great photos of my home, plants, or pets, but one day you may get a glimpse if we have a Zoom meeting! In the meantime, If you ever need anything, feel free to drop me a text or email or give me a ring!

Corri Doyle



phone and @ sign

Reminder: Contact Updates You Need to Know

Keep this information handy!

Joanie is on maternity leave! She will not be available for calls, texts, or email.

Please make sure to contact the correct person/department for your questions or requests.

Here’s your new contact information:

  • Call-Offs – Contact the office (734) 482-1800
  • PTO or Sick Time  Contact your Area Manager
  • More Hours/Building Changes – Contact your Area Manager
  • Raises or paycheck related questions – Contact your Area Manager
  • Missed clock in/out – Contact your area manager
  • Employment verifications – Contact Corri Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or 317-721-7395
  • Insurance questions or issues – Contact Corri Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or 317-721-7395

For any other inquiry, please contact your Area Manager or the office. We will make sure your question gets sent to the right person.

colorful ribbons and confetti

Happy November Birthday Wishes to:

Kim Denton

Ruthann Wagner

Aminta Ramirez

Destini Gibson

Garrett Jones

Tamba Yaradouno

Danielle Bouley

Mike Cischke

Rebecca Ullrich

Clyde Lee

Selman Dervischllari

Claudia DeLopez

Anthony Rookard

Gafer Bega

Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

Nikol Beason, 9 years

Cody Hicks, 4 years

Fonda Wilson, 3 years

Mike Cischke, 3 years

Laura Wade, 2 years

Elaine Kitchen, 2 years

colorful balloons

Our sincere congratulations and best wishes to Will and his lovely bride, Uekisha, as they begin their new life together!

Will Vinson wedding
Will Vinson wedding

 All the best to Joanie and her husband, Michael as they prepare for the wonderful new addition to their family.

Mike and Joanie
Kimura stopped by to wish Joanie well

Kimura stopped by to say hello and to wish Joanie well.

Do you have special news you’d like to share with the Populist Team? Simply send it to your Area Manager.

Special Shout Outs

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

James Lucas new floater for East. The epitome of Populist core values!

Ryleigh Eaton (RND), Joan Ralston (MMG), Raymond Thomas Jr. (RND), all new employees who are doing a great job.

Xhumaje and Selman Dervishllari for their consistency and hard work at MMG.

The entire Populist team for their constant support and dedication.

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Nickol Beason got a shout-out from our customer contact at NAB! It read:  Thank you for your hard work and effort into keeping Blue Willow tidy!

Nick Rose for escorting Nickol into a building one night.

Welcome new employee Kelly Cook to the Populist Team!

Happy face
Awesome work Thank you

From Area Manager Jesse Arehart:

A hearty welcome to new employees Cassie Carpenter, Annie Wormely, and Albert Steele!

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Ali Nour – jumping right into his new buildings without missing a beat!
Don Richter – even in crutches, he is working hard, as always, thank you Don!
Hosa Johnson – for covering Willie in his absence with such a great attitude!

A Special Projects shout-out to Randy Cook and Deshawn Thomas from our customer contact at EPA: Your guys did a WONDERFUL job of cleaning the floors and bathroom tile this weekend!

Populist Safety Second
man electrocuted

Working Safely with Electrical Equipment

Working with electrical equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers, especially when water or moisture is present, can expose you to electrical current. Electrical currents can cause shock and injury.

These procedures should be followed while on the job:

  • Dry your hands before touching any electrical equipment.
  • Check switches, cords, and plugs of all electrical equipment before use.
  • Make sure equipment is in the Power off” position before plugging it into or unplugging from an outlet.
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner away from water, including wet floors.
  • Do not vacuum a wet floor, wet carpet, or wet mat.
  • Immediately turn off the power if you smell burning plastic or smoke, if you see sparks, or if you feel tingling or a shock. Do not use the equipment. Report the problem to our office.
  • Change the bag regularly. An over-stuffed bag will hinder suction, stress the motor, or may burst.
  • Disconnect an electrical plug by pulling on the actual plug, not the cord.
  • Do not allow the cord to become twisted or knotted.
  • Do not use more than one extension cord at a time.
  • Do not run the machine over the cord.
  • Properly wrap and store all cords when vacuuming has been completed.

We strive to keep all of our cleaning equipment in good working order. Please contact our office if you have questions, concerns, or notice a problem with your equipment.

Be safe out there!


Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

From Lori Jankowski:

Leaves, leaves and more leaves! Let’s check our vacuum bags and change them out.

From Steve Amayo:

It will always be the small items you do that give our Customers that sense of cleanliness. Whether you are tucking a chair into the the desk, straightening conference room chairs, or hitting a little desk mirror. Cleaning well is found in the details.

We are Hiring


Populist Main

Day Porter Slots – 350, 303 both for 1.5 hours Mon – Fri. YFH every Monday for 1 hour.
TRT – Tues & Thur @ 3 hours
PPF – Mon – Fri @ 5 hours – both clean and trash, vac, mop)
PIV – Tues & Thur @ 2 hours
350 – Mon – Fri @ 2.5 hours
303 – Mon – Fri @ 2 hours
HTC – Mon – Fri @ 4 hours
CHU – Mon – Fri @ 3 hours
FAA – Mon – Fri @ 3 hours

Populist East

DFCU-A Plymouth,MI. 1.5 hours M-SAT

APS Southfield, MI. 6 hours M-F

INP Plymouth, MI. 4 hours M-F

Populist Main 

DFCUP Ann Arbor, 1.5 hours, Monday through Friday

PLC Ann Arbor, 1 hour, Monday thru Friday

MBC Ann Arbor, 2 hours, Monday Wednesday Friday

NAB Ann Arbor, 2.5 hours Monday Wednesday Friday, 1 hour Tuesday Thursday trash only.

NB Ann Arbor, 1.5 Monday Wednesday and 3 hours Friday

MUC Ann Arbor, 2.5 hours Wednesday Friday

RHW Ann Arbor, 3 hours, Monday Wednesday Friday

BOAS Saline, 1.5 hours, Monday through Friday

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

Refer a friend and take advantage of our Employee Referral Bonus Program!

Happy Thanksgiving scene

Here’s an easy way to find your employee pages on our website:

Our employee information pages don’t appear in the main menu of the website. We’ve created a page that will be easy to remember when you want to check in.

Simply type in populistcleaning.com/employee into your search bar.

This page will list the links for direct access to our various online forms, newsletters, and such. Remember to bookmark the page on your phone or computer for easy access in the future!

Populist Cleaning Co Referral Bonus Program

Populist Cleaning Crew

Refer a Friend!

You refer them. We hire them. You get:

$250 for each part-time employee referred*

$500 for each full-time employee referred*

IF they have not worked for us before

IF you let us know of your referral BEFORE they apply.

IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

⇒ A special bonus of $1000 will be given to the top referrer of quality partners each year! ⇐

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