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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – June 2021

It’s an exciting time for Populist Cleaning Co. As we continue to grow, we’ll work hard to remain as responsive to our employees as we are to our customers. We couldn’t accomplish what we do every day in the world of commercial cleaning and janitorial services without you, our hardworking staff.

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It’s our pleasure to present our monthly employee newsletter online! Bringing timely and useful information is still our goal. We’ll have articles and information relevant to cleaning, important announcements, employee celebrations, special recognitions, professional development, and even some fun stuff along the way.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Let us know what we’re doing right and where we need improvement. We’re in this together!

A Hearty Welcome to the Newest Members of Our Populist Management Team

Richard Jones and Jesse Arehart

Populist Employee Welcome fist bump
Here’s a welcoming “fist bump” from Clyde on behalf of all of us here at Populist!

Richard arrived at Populist with 22+ years experience in the manufacturing and healthcare industries. He’s held various leadership and management positions throughout his career. Richard is a dedicated team-first type personality. He recently shared, “I am very excited for my new journey as Area Manager of Populist East. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone. Thanks for welcoming me aboard.”


Jesse is a resident of Ypsilanti and has been since 2010. He was recently the General Manager of Beezy’s Cafe and has been managing teams since 2008. Jesse is a deep lover of people and has an unhealthy obsession with Notre Dame Football. He lives with Tom Cruise – the coolest house cat in the world! Jesse shared, “I am excited to be a part of Populist as it grows into the Detroit area and look forward to my Area Manager activities!”

Employee Celebrations lettering
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Happiest June

Birthday Wishes to:

John Wagner

Theresa McNulty

Abdul Hubbard

Drita Islami

Mark Ray

Phil Wagner

Adnan Ghrbal

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Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

Selman Dervishllari, 1 year

Xhumaje Dervishllari, 1 year

William Vinson, 1 year

Phil Heflin, 2 years

Tamba Yaraduono, 3 years

Damien Crawford, 5 years

Tim Bates, 7 years

Oscar Garmendia, 7 years

Special Shout Outs

Shout out to Eric and Destini for TRT, great job!

Shout out to Nick Rose for always doing a great job out in the field every night, it’s awesome seeing you taking ownership over South!

Shout out to Alina for her willingness to take on more and the flexibility to help us out, plus her quality is awesome!

Shout out to Erica King for always having a great attitude every day!

Shout out to Tamba for helping us out at 789.

Shout out to Will Simmons and Hosa Johnson for their quality at PRQ.

Shout out to Will Vinson for his excellent quality at MFM.

Shout out to Maria Acosta for making her buildings shine (TT & HVA)!

Shout out to the entire floater team for all the coverage you do on a nightly basis.

Shout out to Lori – Awesome leadership! Helping out South.  Such an amazing team player!

Shout out to Nick, Christian and Trey who are doing an excellent job as Area Assistants

Shout out to Randy who received a compliment from NAB – The are very happy with the floor and carpet cleaning.

Shout out to Bobby for fixing the soap dispensers at A2S from Charlotte at the customer site

Shout out to Rebecca and Beverly – They have held down the office every day for 1.5 years without fail in one of the most difficult times in Populist’s history!  We couldn’t have done it without them!

Well done!

Sincere thanks to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF OUR POPULIST TEAM for your continued commitment to all of the different types of COVID questionnaires needing to be filled out daily.

We see it and most definitely appreciate it! 

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Professional Development


Vacuum Care


Vacuum Care

Steve arms waving
We are Hiring
open jobs and positions at populist

CHU, Chelsea – 2.5 hours M-F

QED, Dexter – 2.5 hours M-Th & 5 hours Friday only

MAV Day Porter 1, Ann Arbor – 1.5 hours M-F

MAV Day Porter 2, Ann Arbor – 1.5 hours M-F

MAV night, Ann Arbor – 3 hours M-F

FAA, Belleville – 2.5 hours M-F



QTM M,W,F.   In Saline

Dayshift Porter – part time (8:00am – 1:00pm, mon-fri,)  Brownstown

Night Cleaner – part time, flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, mon-fri, Farmington Hills

Floater – full time, must be flexible to work afternoon to night shifts within the range of 2:30pm- 1:00am, mon-fri, Populist East region, multiple buildings, various areas throughout Metro Detroit

Night Cleaner – part time, flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, mon-fri, Farmington Hills

Night Cleaner – part time, flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, mon-fri, Plymouth

Night Cleaner – part time, flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, mon-fri,  Troy

Populist Cleaning Co Referral Bonus Program

Populist Cleaning Crew

Refer a Friend!

You refer them. We hire them. You get:

$250 for each part-time employee referred*

$500 for each full-time employee referred*

IF they have not worked for us before

IF you let us know of your referral BEFORE they apply.

IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

⇒ A special bonus of $1000 will be given to the top referrer of quality partners each year! ⇐

Quality Partnering Matters 1