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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – July 2021

We need your help!

It’s an exciting time for Populist Cleaning Co. As we continue to grow, we’ll work hard to remain as responsive to our employees as we are to our customers. We couldn’t accomplish what we do every day in the world of commercial cleaning and janitorial services without you, our hardworking staff.

The leadership team here at Populist is regularly working on ways to improve the way we do business.

Right now, we are concentrating on improving our methods of communication. We’re putting more information on our website specifically for you – our employees. We’ll also be reaching out to you via email regarding important company information, policy updates, check-ins, and initiatives. 

Two-way communication is crucial. We’re in this together, and we’d love your input along the way. Please take advantage of this brief survey to let us know how we’re doing. 

Your employee information pages don’t appear in the main menu of the website. We’ve created a page that will be easy to remember when you want to check in.

Simply type in populistcleaning.com/employee into your search bar.

This page will list the links for direct access to our various online forms, newsletters, and such. Remember to bookmark the page on your phone or computer for easy access in the future!


The Power of Professionalism

Professionalism is one of our Populist Core Values!

Watch this short video on the 7 Mindsets that drive performance and build trust.


How do you view yourself?  Do you consider yourself a professional? Did you know that viewing yourself as a professional turns out to be a big deal?

How you view yourself has transformation power, and viewing yourself as a professional is part of that tranformational power. Showing up as a professional is the type of aspirational goal that inspires passion, energy and enthusiasm. And, yes, this is personal, very personal!

A professional mindset goes beyond the specific requirements and tasks of a job, physical strength, smarts, and social status. It is foundational and principle centered.

As you saw in the video, Bill Wiersma talks about seven mindsets of highly successful and trusted professionals in a variety of fields that set them apart from others. They are:

      1. Professionals favor getting results.

      2. Professionals realize and act like they’re part of something bigger than themelves.

      3. Professionals know things get better when they get better.

      4. Professionals have personal standards that are often higher than their company ones.

      5. Professionals know that personal integrity is all they have.

      6. Professionals aspire to be masters of their emotions, not enslaved by them.

      7. Professionals aspire to reveal value in others.

Professional ideals, for both individuals and organizations, have an inseparable connection to success. Being professional means better relationships and better results. Why? Because developing a culture centered on professional ideals, builds trust.

So yes, we should all aspire to be professionals! The specifics of what we do may not be glamorous. You all know the stereotypes of being the janitor. This is why we regularly discuss our core values and company vision. This is why we work extra hard on our employer/employee and customer relationships.

This is the meaning of quality partnering matters!


Click or Tap the Flip Boxes to View the Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happiest July Birthday Wishes to:

Leanne Mathay

Elaine Kitchen

Christian Henderson

Brittany McCullough

Patrick Piekarz

Jacek Piekarz

Laura Wade

Congratulations and Many Thanks to: 

Eric Hinton, 6 years

Abdul Hubbard, 6 years

Marley Cambell, 3 years

Christian Henderson, 2 years

Natalie Henderson, 2 years



From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Shout out to Lori Jankowski for the communication and the teamwork she displays on a daily basis to help out East during this staffing shortage.

Shout out to Deshawn Thomas for helping out East, and keeping us a float.

Shout out to Realie Peterson for taking on the lead position at MMG, and for always  doing an exceptional job.

Shout out to Claudia Delopez for always going above and beyond at RND Livonia, and always doing an exceptional job.

Shout out to Nexhip, Hava, Xhumaje, and Selman for working extra to cover an open slot at MMG.

Shout out to Mark White and Gafer Bega doing extra duties at CEC while one slot is on vacation.

Shout out to Ardian Guri for being consistent and doing a great job cleaning two buildings (CET & RND).

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Shout out to Deshawn for helping out East.
Shout out to Carol, Kim, and Aleisha for the start up building in Brighton.
Shout out to Eric and Destini for taking on PLC.
Shout out to Nickol for taking the weekend slot at PLC.
Happy face
Way to Go!

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Shout out to Trey for always helping out, specifically with 789 this month. You’re killing it, Trey!

Shout out to Nick  & Christian, as our new Area Assistants they are cleaning upwards to 8 buildings a night. Although this is very rare, it’s always super cool to be apart of such committed Team Members.

Shout out to Phil, who is our new Floater. He’s been thrown in the mix and has a stellar attitude about it!

Shout out to Leanne for always having a smile!

Shout out to  Shout out to Jonathon and James at L3, thank you both for keeping it up out there!

Shout out to Danielle for holding down MAG, her once a week huge bldg., thank you!

Shout out to Cody Hicks, the level of committed he shows daily is truly an inspiration to me, he is PopulistStrong!

Shout out to Thomas for his commitment at 303, I really appreciate all you’re doing Sir!

Shout out to all the parents and caregivers out there with their kids home 24/7, summer vacation is really an opportunity to grow in patience!

Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

Inspection Insights

Always remember to look up, look down, and look behind!

Your building(s) will ALWAYS look different in the daylight. The sun shining will always bring out the dust and cob webs often hidden during the night.



Populist East

MMG – flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, M-F, 3 hours, Farmington Hills

Floater – full time, must be flexible to work afternoon to night shifts within the range of 2:30pm- 1:00am, M-F, Populist East region, multiple buildings

SMW – flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, M-F, 3 hours, Farmington Hills

INP – flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, M-F, 4 hours, Plymouth

KIT – flexible start times starting as early as 5:30pm, M-F, 4 hours, Troy

MMG building lead position – Full time, 5pm start time, M-F, 8 hours, Farmington Hills

RND – start as early as 5pm as late as 7pm, M-F, 6 hours, Livonia

MMG (2 positions available)  – start time  5-7 pm. M-F, 5.5 hours, Farmington Hills

APS – start time after 5:30pm. M-F, 6 hours, Southfield

Populist Main

RHN    Ann Arbor, M,W,F.    1.5 hours   cleaning only

EPA     Ann Arbor, M-F.  2 hours   vacuuming only

QTM   Ann Arbor,  M-F.  5 hours

CHU   Chelsea   M-F. 2.5 hours

MAV Day Porter 2, Ann Arbor,  M-F. 1.5 hours

FAA   Belleville, M-F. 2.5 hours

SOL   Ann Arbor,  M-F. 1 hour

CSS.  Ann Arbor,   M, W, F. 3.5 hours

HTC   Chelsea,  M, T, F. 3.5 hours

KAP  Ann Arbor, 2 hours (T, TH) & 3 hours (M, W, F)

EVS  Ann Arbor,  M-F 3 hours

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

Refer a friend and take advantage of our Employee Referral Bonus Program!

Populist Cleaning Co Referral Bonus Program

Populist Cleaning Crew

Refer a Friend!

You refer them. We hire them. You get:

$250 for each part-time employee referred*

$500 for each full-time employee referred*

IF they have not worked for us before

IF you let us know of your referral BEFORE they apply.

IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

⇒ A special bonus of $1000 will be given to the top referrer of quality partners each year! ⇐

Quality Partnering Matters 1