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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – December 2021

Winter Weather is here! Let’s be safe out there.

Ice and snow take it slow

Winter Driving Tip: TAKE IT SLOW

The weather outside can be frightful!

Snow and ice cause many motor vehicle accidents each year, especially the first couple of winter storms, as drivers forget that they must drive differently. The three P’s of Safe Winter Driving: PREPARE for the trip; PROTECT yourself; and PREVENT crashes on the road.

  • Slow down for wet, snowy, icy conditions.
  • Avoid quick braking or acceleration.
  • Find out about driving conditions before you go out.
  • Every time – bucke up.
  • Turn signals, brake lights and windows need to be completely clear  of snow.
  • You should never use cruise control in winter weather conditions.

By remembering the 3 P’s, S-A-F-E-T-Y, and this last tip, you should hopefully avoid any collisions:  Ice and Snow – Take it Slow!

The National Safety Council estimated that 42,060 people died in traffic crashes and 4.8 million more people were seriously injured in 2020 alone.

Don’t become a statistic!! Winter weather = SLOW DOWN!

As of December 31, 2020, employees are no longer paid under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

If you have contracted COVID or are sick, here are other options:

  • Full-time employees have the option to use their allotted PTO time.
  • Part-time employees, who have been employed for at least 90 days, and work more than an average of 25 hours per week are eligible to use sick leave.

For more information on your available PTO time and sick leave please reach out to Corri Doyle by phone or text at 317-721-7395 or via email at corrine@turningpointhcm.com.

Special Shout Outs

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Joan Ralston for doing a fantastic job since she started. 

Joshua Austin  for being detailed and committed.

Welcome to our Populist Team: Mylia Tardy, field cleaner at MMG; and welcome back Jessica Green, floater – Populist East

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Kim Denton for picking up another night of cleaning.

Yasmin Mohamed for covering at WMD

Eric and Destini for helping out with a last minute call off.

Nick Rose for covering Ann Arbor North while I was away.

Natalie Henderson for taking on 4 new buildings

From Operations Manager Steve Hamil:

Shout-out to Shannon McGill-Smith for filling in, training, and making sure all the details are covered at our new job, Kirchoff, in Tecumseh!

A special welcome to these new employees in Tecumseh: Thomas Zeigler, Kathy Alaniz, Hercillia Ajanel, Shannon McGill-Smith, Nora De Le Garza, Ryan Hoag, and Jennifer Hodgsen.

Populist blue heart

From Area Manager Cody Hicks:

Shout-out to Jacob Sanderlin and Summer Myers for doing a great job in CTM.

Shout out to Deon Stevenson for being such a hard-working employee at CTM. He is a well-loved day porter. He has such a great rapport with our customer, they got together before his leave and had a small baby shower and a card everyone signed. Deon truly walks and lives our core values.  He shows up everyday with a smile and ready to work attitude into a plant and that can be hard to do at times.

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Shout out to Area Manager Lori Jankowski and her amazing team for helping area South out, we really appreciate all the help! Let’s hear it for Nick Rose, Nickol Beason, Deshawn Thomas, Tim Bates, and of course, Lori!!!!!

Let’s welcome new employee, Kim Russell, we are glad to have you on board!


Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Watch for leaves, dust, and debris tracking into your lobby areas and corners especially around this time of year.

From Area Manager Cody Hicks:

Salt is coming. Vacuum bags work best when they are changed often. less strain on you and your equipment.

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

As we approach winter and the salt about to be laid down, here are a couple of reminders.
1- black carpet mats need an additional 15-20 seconds of vacuum time, most salt will come up.
2- If you notice a really salty area of flooring, try switching your process around. When you arrive, immediately sweep and mop that area specifically. Maybe use one or two DIB packages. by the time you are ready to mop the rest of your floors, you’ll be able to see if additional mopping is needed.
3- If the temperature is below freezing, do not spray 3M directly onto door glass. It will instantly freeze and you be left scraping it off. No fun!
4- drive safe, the best formula here is a warm vehicle and additional drive time already accounted for 

From Operations Manager Steve Hamil:

Efficiency Insight: always prepare your cart and work area for the next day or cleaning partner at the end of your shift before you leave.

Happy Birthdays and Work anniversary celebrations

Happy December Birthday Wishes to:

Beverly Parsons

Safia Mohamed

Willie Simmons

Nexhip Collasku

James Holbird

Lueberda Hill

colorful confetti

Congratulations and Many Thanks to:

John Wagner, 41 years

Beverly Parsons, 11 years

Don Richter, 8 years

Steve Amayo, 7 years

Destini Gibson, 6 years

Hosa Johnson, 5 years

Virginia Kingsberry, 4 years

Fatoumata Meite, 2 years

Anthony Rookard, 1 year

Richard Jones, 1 year

Alina Watson, 1 year

 Congratulations to Cody and Marley! 

On the celebration of their wedding with daughter, Ramona.

This gives “Populist Partners” a whole new meaning!


Welcome Ainsley Recker!

Joanie and Michael want to introduce the newest member of the family.

“We are completely smitten and excited for everyone to meet her!”

Welcome Deon Stevenson Jr.!

Deon Stevenson and Rayonna Tubbs would like to introduce their son Deon Stevenson Jr.

Deon and his son
Rayonna and Deon Jr

Do you have special news you’d like to share with the Populist Team? Simply send it to your Area Manager.

We are Hiring


Populist Main

Full time in Chelsea and Ann Arbor available

EVS – 3 hrs M-F
HTC – 4 hrs M-F
303 – 5 hrs M-F
350 – 6 hrs M-F

Tues and Thurs only buildings open (2) – 3 hrs each

Populist East

DFCU-A Plymouth,MI 1.5 hours M-SAT
RND (office area) Livonia, MI 6 hours M-F
INP Plymouth, MI 4 hours M-F

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

Populist Main 

RHW Ann Arbor, 3 hours, Monday Wednesday Friday
BOAS Saline, 1.5 hours, Monday through Friday
MCU Michigan Educational Credit Union Ann Arbor, 2.5 hours, Monday Wednesday
ECHR Eberspaecher, Brighton, 10am to 6pm, Saturday only

Populist West

Full Time, Temperance, MI, M-F, Daytime, 7am-2pm, 7 hour, 35 hours a week, over time hours available.

Full time, Temperance, MI, M-Sat (6 day), 6 hour, 36 hours a week, evening after 5 pm, over time hours available.

Part time, Temperance, MI M-Sat (6 day), 3 hour, 18 hours a week, evening after 5pm, over time hours available.

happy holidays

to you and yours!