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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter – August 2021

A Hearty Welcome to Our New Director of Operations

Introducing our new Director of Operations, Steve Hamil.

Steve Hamil, Populist Cleaning Co Director of Operations

We’re excited to add Steve H. to our operations team. His background and experience in management and the janitorial industry is extensive. Most recently he was Director of Operations for ABM Onsite Services at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. This a 3.5 million sq. ft. building representing a multimillion dollar contract!

In addition to his industry experience, Steve has also worked in related industries in a variety of quality roles all of which include critical leadership and management responsibilities. He is an outstanding communicator with a passion for coaching, mentoring, training, conflict resolution, and guidance.

Mike, Populist President and Owner says, “We are very happy to have Steve Hamil join our team as Director of Operations. We look forward to the the skills, experience, and leadership that Steve brings to the table enabling us to continue our pursuit of the Populist mission and vision – providing our partners with opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

And, actually, this is what attracted Steve to pursue a position with our team. He shares, “The Populist mission statement and core values, which emphasizes personal and professional growth, really resonate with me. I want to be in a place where I can make a difference. Not only that, but where I’ll be challenged, too.”

When you meet Steve H. be sure to ask him about his travels in Canada and South America, coffee, and playing the trombone!

Now that you’ve read more about Steve, why not learn more about what our Director of Operations does?

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Happiest August Birthday Wishes to:

Stephanie Herring

Hosa Johnson

Virginia Kingsberry

Carol Spires

Jesse Wieger

Nexhmije Bega

Mark White

Trevon Williams

Ardian Guri

Matthew Sousa

Congratulations and Many Thanks to: 

Christopher Padden, 10 years

Norma Ventura, 6 years

Jon Dahl, 3 years

Nick Rose, 1 year

Bedrije Latifflari, 1 year

Xhumaje Latifflari, 1 year 

Special Shout Outs

From Area Manager Richard Jones:

Shout out to new hire Terrell Davis doing a great job at INP.
Shout out to Realie Peterson for being consistent and hard working on a daily basis.
Shout out to Agron and Drita Islamifor cleaning multiple buildings everyday and doing a great job.
Shout out to Xhumaje and Selman Dervishllari for picking up extra hours and doing a great job at MMG while others are on vacation.

From Area Manager Lori Jankowski:

Shout outs to Carol Spires, Kimberly Johnson and Aleisha Lauzon for doing an outstanding job at the new building Eberspaecher.
Happy face
Awesome work Thank you

From Area Manager Steve Amayo:

Shout out to Maria for taking on additional areas.

Shout out to Matthew Sousa for jumping right in and working hard in his multiple building assignments.

Shout out to all the Area Assistants. You all are doing great things out there in the field. It is amazing to see each one of you grow!

A continued shout out to our incredible Floater team, each one of you is working hard and jumping in whenever you are asked. How awesome it to be a part of such a fantastic team!

And this from an awesome customer:

“We have been working with the Populist team for many years, and they always do a great job. Responsive, friendly, and efficient, their service is fabulous and we really appreciate all of their hard work. Our building is complex (an old school turned office and lab environment) and they handle it all without an issue, and every interaction I have with their staff is a good one. Kudos to Mike and Populist – a great company that I hope to work with for a long, long time!”

Professional Development

Individual Responsibility

Individual Responsibility is one of our Populist Core Values – what does it mean to you?

Bet you haven’t heard what Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has to say!

Populist Inspection clipboard graphic

Inspection Insights

Always remember to look up, look down, and look behind!

Your building(s) will ALWAYS look different in the daylight. The sun shining will always bring out the dust and cob webs often hidden during the night.

Client Staff are returning to their buildings, the pre-covid transition has started. Time to double down on our awesome processes out there. We would love to hear how how you process out your building! By sharing your tips you maybe helping someone else. 😊

Let’s be checking ALL our trash cans as more and more people are coming back to work.

We are Hiring


Populist East

MMG – Farmington Hills 3.5 hrs. M-F

Floater- Populist East Region 8 hrs. M-F

SMW – Farmington Hills 2.5 hrs. M-F

KIT – Troy 4 hrs. M-F

MMG – Farmington Hills 8 hrs. M-F

MMG – Farmington Hills 5 hrs. M-F

APS – Southfield 6 hrs. M-F

Populist Main

CHU, Chelsea – 2.5 hours M-F

FAA, Belleville – 2.5 hours M-F

CSS, Ann Arbor – 3.5 hours M, W, F

HTC, Chelsea – 3.5 hours, M, T, F

PPF, Ann Arbor – 5 hours, M-F (cleaning)

PPF, Ann Arbor – 5 hours, M-F (trash, vac, sweep, and mop)

TAV, Ann Arbor – 4 hours, M-F (starts 8.2)

NAJ, Ann Arbor – 5 hours, M-F (starts 8.2)

PIV, Ann Arbor – 2.5 hours, T & TH

Ann Arbor (days and nights) – part-time, Belleville – part-time, Chelsea and Dexter both part-time. Any combination of these could result in full-time!

Populist Main

EPA, Ann Arbor, 2 hours M -F,  Vacuuming only

RHN, Ann Arbor, 1.5 hours, M,W,F, Clean only

DFCUP, Ann Arbor, 1.5 hours, M-F

This building is right next to PLC would like to bundle these together.

PLC, Ann Arbor, 1 hour, M-F 

This building is right next to DFCUP would like to bundle these together.

NB, Ann Arbor, 1.5hrs –  Monday and Wednesday, 3hrs – Friday 

M, W are clean and trash only, F is clean, trash, vacuuming and mopping

QTM, Saline, 5 hours, M-F, 

Can be split into 2 shifts: 2.5 hours for clean and wiping / 2.5 hours for trash, vacuuming and mopping.

Contact HR or your manager if you’re interested in additional hours.

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Populist Cleaning Crew

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IF your referral is hired, they must work 90 days for us maintaining good status throughout the 90 days. This includes but may not be limited to work performance being free from incident reports, write-ups, customer complaints, attendance, and other performance items of similar nature.

IF you are still employed by Populist.

Your bonus will be paid out in the payroll check which follows the referral’s 90th day of employment from the first day worked.

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