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Employee Newsletter November 2023

A holiday message from the owners of Populist Cleaning Co

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

Dear Valued Employees,

As the season of gratitude approaches, we want to take a moment to express our deepest appreciation for your unwavering dedication and hard work throughout the year. Your commitment, your unwavering support, and your passion for our company have been instrumental in driving our success.

We are incredibly grateful for your contributions, both big and small. Your willingness to go the extra mile, your innovative ideas, and your collaborative spirit have made a significant impact on our company’s growth and achievements.

This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to take some time to reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate your successes. You are the heart and soul of our company, and we are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

Please enjoy this time with your loved ones, savor the delicious food, and cherish the moments of togetherness. We wish you a Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter, and lasting memories.

Thank you for being an integral part of our team. We are honored to have you on board.

With sincere gratitude,

Mike and John

Owners, Populist Cleaning Co

Populist Cleaning Co Open Enrollment is happening now through November 30th, 2023

For the 2024 benefit year, we will be continuing with the same plans as the previous year, though there have been some changes in plan amounts. All employees will also have the option to elect supplemental benefits: accident, critical illness, short term disability, term life insurance, and our new offering this year Legal and ID Shield through the Employee Navigator portal. Full-time employees will also have the opportunity to enroll or waive health, dental, and vision insurance.

It’s important to note that this insurance coverage will become effective on January 1st, 2024, with deductions starting on December 8th, 2023. If you are currently enrolled in medical, dental, or vision insurance, you will automatically remain in your existing plan, but you will be charged the new rate unless you make changes during the open enrollment period.

We have scheduled a Human Resource Question and Answer open forum on Tuesday November 28th from 11:00-11:30am to answer any open enrollment or Populist Cleaning Co policy questions. All are welcome to join.

Open Enrollment link to Teams meeting

This meeting will be held online over Teams:

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device.

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 272 828 654 613
Passcode: ehohW4

Please note that if you have a personal matter that you do not want to ask in front of a group of people, you can always reach the Human Resource Department at hr@populistcleaning.com or 734-482-1800.

Employee Celebrations

November Happy Birthday Wishes 

Paul Shemon
Danielle Bouley
Melissa Jones
Ruthann Wagner
Selman Dervishllari
Tamba Yaradouno
Stephanie Sutton
Gafer Bega
Sylvette Campbell
Aminta Ramirez
Spencer Alexander
Philo Osembe
Naseem Mikki
Garrett Jones
Brittany Perdue
Rebecca Ullrich

Work Anniversaries – Congratulations and Many Thanks

Nickol Beason – 11 years
Cody Hicks – 6 years
Laura Wade – 4 years
Elaine Kitchen – 4 years
Deon Stevenson – 3 years
Richard Jones – 3 years
Kimberly Russell – 2 years

Milestone Work Anniversaries

Thank you Carol, Jon, and Lori for your hard work and commitment to Populist Cleaning Co!

Carol's 5 year Work Anniversary
Jon's 5 year anniversary
Lori's 10 year anniversary

Traction Tidbit

Traction Tidbit with Steve H, Director of Operations

It’s easy to take these things for granted. Don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have questions or concerns. Let’s be safe out there!

Don’t Suffer a Slip or Fall this Winter!

As temperatures drop, the number of slips and falls rise. Winter’s wet and icy conditions are dangerous and you’ll probably find yourself having to walk on slippery surfaces. Here are a few suggestions to help keep you slip-and-fall free:

Don’t get caught by surprise. Monitor the weather and changing conditions

Hazards to watch for outside:

  • snow-covered ice
  • black ice
  • uneven surfaces
  • unsalted sidewalks/parking lots
  • freeze and thaw cycles
  • insufficient lighting

Hazards to watch for inside:

  • slippery floors due to water, slush, ice, or snow tracked in by footwear
  • insufficient lighting

To Avoid Slips:

  • Concentrate on the path ahead – take your time and proceed slowly.
  • Wear appropriate footwear – wear shoes or boots with rough soles.
  • Use handrails wherever they are provided.
  • Beware of changes in walking surfaces – many falls are caused when someone doesn’t realize they are leaving a secure area for a slippery one.

If you do slip:

  • Try to roll with the fall –  if you fall forward
  • Sit down if you begin to fall backward
  • When a falling person relaxes, an injury is less severe
culture Corner with Steve Amayo

Hi there! Please watch the video, then read the article below to get the details on the E.O.S. Traction Component at Populist.

The E.O.S Traction Component

The EOS Model

Transforming Vision into Reality: The Power of Traction

We’ve already laid the framework for our great Vision, how we surround ourselves with great People, how to actually solve Issues, create great Processes, and getting a handle on the pulse of the company through our Data.

As we continue through our journey of the EOS framework, we arrive at the final component: Traction. Traction is the driving force that propels our vision from mere words into tangible results. It’s about instilling discipline, cultivating accountability, and becoming execution masters.

This excerpt from a LinkedIn article accurately summarizes it: Traction is all about taking what we have learned so far and putting it into practice. It’s where the talking stops, and the doing begins. It’s about seeing our vision come to life at ground level, where everyone plays their part.

To achieve this level of traction, we employ powerful tools like quarterly rocks assigned to all L10 participants and our meeting pulse, which keeps our focus on metrics, issues, and to-dos.

As we grow and transform lives through our quality partnering, it’s a source of immense pride to be part of a company that actively seeks to improve the lives of its employees. Our strategic growth and unwavering commitment to excellence are testaments to our dedication to traction.

So, the next time you feel that Populist is experiencing traction, let it serve as a reminder that you are not just a part of any company; you are a part of something extraordinary.

EOS logo

To Our Populist Cleaning Co Family,

Sqwire and Populist financial awareness poster

Here’s a reminder about our partnership with Sqwire, a financial wellness program that will help you achieve financial freedom!

Sqwire provides comprehensive financial education, self-paced courses, and ongoing support to help you make informed financial decisions.

Click the link below to register and create your login credentials for free access to the Sqwire platform and all its resources.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or Sqwire if you have any questions!

Populist email and tex tmarketing graphic


We send important company information to you by text and email.

Please be sure that we have your current email address and mobile phone number. Simply send your up-to-date information to hr@populistcleaning.com.

Be sure to add Populist’s Company Information texting number to your list of contacts. It’s 734-471-2638.

This will ensure that our messages get delivered to you. This number is for periodic company-wide communication only. It doesn’t replace your regular communication needs with your Area Manager or our office.  Thank you!

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