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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter March 2023

Populist Cleaning Co Online Newsletter

Communication is key!

Bringing timely and useful information to our team is one of our company goals.

In this newsletter you’ll find important announcements, employee celebrations and shout-outs, working safely, and Culture Corner videos.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Let us know what we’re doing right and where we need improvement. 

Upcoming Company Events
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Keep an eye out for the Spring Employee Survey coming next week!

We want to hear from YOU to continue to make Populist an awesome place to work.

Our company-wide employee & family get-together planned for August.

Stay tuned for details!

Employee Celebrations

Happy March Birthday Wishes

Marley Cambell

Randy Cook

Ethan Hungerford

Elbert Kitchen

Nahsja McCullough

Courtney Patterson

Kimura Spencer

Mylia Tardy

Linda Taylor

Nicole Thibodeau

colorful balloons

Work Anniversaries – Congratulations and Many Thanks

Danielle Bouley – 6 years

Sarah Fugate – 5 years

Rebecca Ullrich – 4 years

Special Shout Outs

Wow, look at those shiny floors!

Here’s a special shout-out to Randy and Deshawn, two of our hardworking Janitorial Special Project guys for their strip & wax magic. These floors are simply beautiful!

From our customer: Thanks Mike, your Team really hit a Homerun for us, much Appreciated.

Click on a photo to view full size.

You go girl!

Here’s a special shout-out to Hercillia. This floor is simply beautiful!

From our Director of Ops, Steve H: While visiting the site I came upon Hercillia working hard and using this walk-behind. Floor looked great!

Populist outgoing Fractionals Heather, Christine, Jason
Heather, Christine, Jason

Sincere thanks to our outgoing Fractional Support Team

Fractional executives are leaders in their field who partner with businesses on a part-time, contractual basis. Christine has been our Fractional Integrator, Jason has been our Fractional Sales Director, and Heather has been our Fractional Marketing Director. Under their leadership Populist has almost doubled in size, while being faithful to our Core Values and quality partnering standards. We are now in a position to have these roles filled by direct employees of Populist.

From Co-Owner, Mike: Christine, Jason, and Heather have been dedicated leaders and integral partners in our growth and success – true quality partners! . Let’s all give sincere thanks and best wishes to each one as they move on to their next endeavors. 

culture Corner with Steve Amayo

Hey team, check out my interview with Laura as she shares about working for Populist.

Become a Populist Culture Shareholder – Take our Upcoming Survey

Ongoing Training

Working Safely

On the job accident prevention is the responsibility of all Populist Employees.

Working with electrical equipment (such as vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers), especially when water or moisture is present, can expose you to electrical current. Electrical currents can cause shock and injury. 

These procedures should be followed while on the job: 

  • Dry your hands before touching any electrical equipment. 
  • Check switches, cords, and plugs of all electrical equipment before use. 
  • Make sure equipment is in the “Power off” position before plugging it into or unplugging from an outlet. 
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner away from water, including wet floors. 
  • Do not vacuum a wet floor, wet carpet, or wet mat. 
  • Immediately turn off the power if you smell burning plastic or smoke, if you see sparks, or if you feel tingling or a shock. Do not use the equipment. Report the problem to our office.
  • Change the bag regularly. An over-stuffed bag will hinder suction, stress the motor, or may burst.
  • Disconnect an electrical plug by pulling on the actual plug, not the cord.
  • Do not allow the cord to become twisted or knotted.
Safe Lifting
  • Do not use more than one extension cord at a time.
  • Do not run the machine over the cord.
  • Properly wrap and store all cords when vacuuming has been completed.

We strive to keep all of our cleaning equipment in good working order. Please contact our office if you have questions, concerns, or notice a problem with your equipment.

Be safe out there!

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We send important company information to you by text and email.

Please be sure that we have your current email address and mobile phone number. Simply send your up-to-date information to hr@populistcleaning.com.

Be sure to add Populist’s Company Information texting number to your list of contacts. It’s 734-471-2638.

This will ensure that our messages get delivered to you. This number is for periodic company-wide communication only. It doesn’t replace your regular communication needs with your Area Manager or our office.  Thank you!

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