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Populist Cleaning Co – Employee Newsletter July 2023

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Our next Populist Power Hour video conference on TEAMS will be on August 3rd at 6:30pm.

We’ll send instruction on how to join the meeting in a separate email. Hope to see you there!

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To Our Populist Cleaning Co Family,

We value your total wellness and believe you deserve the very best in life. So, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Sqwire to provide you with all the tools and resources needed to help you achieve financial freedom!

Sqwire is a financial wellness program that is committed to equipping and empowering you to effectively protect your life, your legacy, and your loved ones. Designed to help you form healthy financial habits, the Sqwire platform will keep you on course with your personal goals and future preparedness. Sqwire provides the very best in comprehensive financial education, delivering self-paced courses, and ongoing support that you need to make informed, confident financial decisions.

Like our new friends at Sqwire, we know that life is better when you’re not worried about money. We’re so excited to watch you thrive with all the knowledge, tools, and resources that Sqwire will provide.

Please stay tuned for instructions on how to register and create your login credentials. You’ll have full access to the Sqwire platform and all the resources it comes with – free of charge. This one’s on us.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or the team at Sqwire if you have any questions!

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The L10 MeetingA Key Component of E.O.S® 

The name “Level 10” comes from the goal of the meeting, which is to leave the meeting feeling like the business is a “10” on a scale of 1 to 10. This means that our teams are feeling confident and optimistic about the future of the Populist, and that we are on track to achieve our goals.

EOS L10 Meeting Agenda

In simple terms, the EOS L10 meeting is a weekly meeting that helps our leadership, sales and marketing, operations, and finance and admin teams to stay focused on the most important issues, identify and resolve problems, and improve communication and collaboration.

The meeting follows a structured agenda that helps the team to stay on track and make progress.

  • Review of the Scorecard: The team reviews the business’s scorecard, which is a document that tracks the business’s progress towards its goals.
  • Prioritization of Issues: The team identifies the most important issues facing the business and prioritizes them for discussion.
  • Issue Solving: The team discusses and solves the prioritized issues.
  • Meeting Score: The team scores the meeting on a scale of 1 to 10, and discusses how to improve the meeting for the next time.

The EOS L10 meeting is a powerful tool for us to improve our decision-making and productivity. By following the structured agenda and focusing on the most important issues, we are able to make significant progress towards our goals.

Here are some of the benefits of using the EOS L10 meeting:

  • It helps to keep us focused on the most important issues facing Populist Cleaning Co.
  • It helps to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively.
  • It helps to improve communication and collaboration among team members.
  • It helps to build consensus and alignment on the direction of the business.
  • It helps to improve our overall performance of the business.

Quality partnering matters!

culture Corner with Steve Amayo

A Populist Core Values Sampler

Employee Celebrations

Happiest July Birthday Wishes to

Derek Hall

Christian Henderson Jr.

Elaine Kitchen

Lora Bridgens

Dana Cupp

James Blanton

Angela Linindoll

Roderick Lee

Kristopher Marsden

Laura Wade

colorful balloons
colorful balloons

Work Anniversaries – Congratulations and Many Thanks

Eric Hinton, 8 years

Marley Campbell, 5 years

Christian Henderson Jr., 4 years

Forrest Karnopp, 2 years

Stephanie Herring, 2 years

Steve Hamil, 2 years

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We send important company information to you by text and email.

Please be sure that we have your current email address and mobile phone number. Simply send your up-to-date information to hr@populistcleaning.com.

Be sure to add Populist’s Company Information texting number to your list of contacts. It’s 734-471-2638.

This will ensure that our messages get delivered to you. This number is for periodic company-wide communication only. It doesn’t replace your regular communication needs with your Area Manager or our office.  Thank you!

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