Deep Dives and Supplies – are you taking advantage of these value added services?

We all know that daily cleaning maintains an environment that improves employee productivity, health, and well-being and creates a positive impression on customers and clients.

Deep cleaning, known as project work in our industry, is often overlooked but is critical for the long term cleanliness of your facility and for the longevity of your capital expenditures.

Carpet cleaning removes deeply embedded dirt and grime in carpet fibers that regular vacuuming can’t reach. While enhancing the appearance, it also protects the carpet fibers from breaking down causing permanent damage. 

Hot water extraction restores carpet that has not been professionally cleaned regularly. Low moisture cleaning or encapsulation cleaning is a great way to maintain consistent appearance in facilities where the carpet is regularly cared for providing vertical brush scrubbing of fibers and pile lifting to help remove and release embedded soil. 

Refinishing vinyl tile protects the tile from permanent damage and enhances the appearance of the floor surfaces, makes them easier to keep clean on a daily basis, and increases the lifespan.

Power cleaning ceramic tile and grout extracts dirt, grime, and bacteria that can become embedded over time. Daily mopping removes surface dirt, but a regular maintenance program of hot water through high powered jets followed by high powered extraction removes the soils that mopping simply cannot do.

Window cleaning – Who wants to look out dirty windows? Exterior windows should be cleaned at least two times per year (spring and fall). Inside windows can be limited to once per year or more depending on the environment.

Power washing of exterior entry ways is always desirable after winter. Wash away the muck, salt, and mud!

The Populist Janitorial Difference – We leverage state-of-the-art, commercial-grade equipment for all our project work to deliver exceptional results. Would you like to learn more on how a clean workspace can benefit your business. Contact us today!

Maintenance Plans and frequencies can be formulated according to use and traffic in your particular facility. 

Competitive pricing and free, no-obligation estimates and quotes are provided.


Supplies Delivery Truck

As your janitorial service provider, we handle the main kitchen and rest room products used in your facility on a regular basis – facial tissue, toilet tissue, hand towels (multi fold, c-fold, or roll towels, kitchen roll towels), hand soap, sanitizer, and trash liners (desk size and large size for kitchens or other large containers).

We generally know the stock levels better than anyone else in the building. We understand the pace at which that stock gets used up and when it’s time to order before its too late resulting in a shortage of toilet tissue!!

We also have a good idea of how long it takes for those orders to arrive once placed. We have policies in place for when we order – front line professional cleaning staff are trained on when and how to order products through our office.

We’re able to identify areas where there can be some consolidation of products with possible opportunities for savings. We work with our vendors to ensure safe accurate delivery into your facility.

We can supply all “core” products  – things that almost everyone orders, universal needs. Additionally, we can provide other items such as effective walk off matting, ice melt products, scented products for restrooms, dispensers to replace broken units and more.

We have a variety of processes to suit your desired needs for accountability in ordering, invoicing, and delivery.

Let us help you with the basics of supply management so you can pay attention to the other 87 other things on your plate.

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