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Populist Cleaning Co Employee Newsletter April 2023

Upcoming Company Events
Populist Power Hour Zoom on phone

Our next quarterly Populist Power Hour will be on Thursday, May 11th at 6:30pm.

What’s a Populist Power Hour?

It’s an all-company Zoom call that happens once each quarter.

We share important introductions, updates, and information.
We celebrate YOU and the amazing work you do.
We have a drawing for 3 cash cards of $50 each.

You’ll have a chance to meet the leadership team and your exceptional co-workers, ask questions, and experience the Populist Culture first-hand.

You will be paid for your participation time!

Join the Power Hour from your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer. The link to the Power Hour Zoom call will be sent by email and text.

Phone and @ sign

Important Announcement

Payton Glander, HR and Admin Manager, will be out of the office April 26th to May 4th.

She will not be available for calls, texts, or emails during this time.

Here’s whom to call while she is away:

Call-Offs – Contact your Area Manager
PTO or Sick Time –  Contact your Area Manager
More Hours/Building Changes – Contact your Area Manager
Raises or paycheck related questions – Contact your Area Manager
Missed clock in/out – Contact your area manager
Employment verifications – Contact Corrine Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or (317) 560-0634
Insurance questions or issues – Contact Corrine Doyle: Turningpoint@populistcleaning.com or (317) 560-0634

For any other inquiry, please contact your Area Manager or the office. We will make sure your question gets sent to the correct person.

Employee Celebrations

Happy April Birthday Wishes

Shunda Frye

Eli Green

Tony Harris

Eric Hinton

Richard Jones

Yasmin Mohamed

Chris Padden

Don Reed

Don Richter

Rosa Vega

Norma Ventura

Clarrisa Walker

colorful balloons

Work Anniversaries – Congratulations and Many Thanks

Jonathan Delonnay – 10 years

Realie Peterson – 2 years

Anitra Stevenson – 4 years

Shunda Frye – 1 year

Employee Shout-Outs
Awesome work Thank you

Area Manager Richard Jones for helping onboard 3 customers inside 45 days. Your commitment is inspiring!

Our customers at EPA and KCF send many thanks to our Janitorial Special Projects guys, Randy Cook and Deshawn Thomas for the great work on their floors.

Area Manager Cody Hicks wanted to shout out these outstanding members of our Populist Team:

Trey Williams and Lori Jankowski continue to hold down daytime coverage as well as jumping into evenings when OPS needs the help. They are truly great team Players!

Don Reed for always ready to help the team!

Damien Crawford for his great attitude – always hardworking and willing to help.

Here’s a special welcome to Dana Cupp and Michael Hodge, our new Operations Managers. Look for more about Dana and Michael coming soon!

Steve Hamil Populist Traction Tidbit

Need Supplies for Your Site?

As part of our field staff team, one of your responsibilities may be to keep track of and order cleaning supplies and paper products for your site(s). It’s important to be as organized and detailed as possible when you order supplies.

supplies delivery man

There are 2 ways to order your supplies:

  1. Send your order requests to supplies@populistcleaning.com
  2. Call (734) 482-1800 ext. 150 to leave a voice message with the items you need

Be sure to include:

  • Building Letter Code
  • Your first and last name
  • Be specific about products needed. Include the item # if possible
  • How much of the item is needed

Remember to order enough supplies that will last at least 2 weeks.

Here’s some info that may help you with your ordering:

Janitorial Job Supplies are cleaning chemicals, vacuum cleaner bags, gloves, mop heads, or microfiber rags.

Customer Supplies are paper products like toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel, and trash liners.

It’s important to be organized and detailed when you order supplies. Why?

  • We have contracts with over 100 office buildings, medical facilities, banks and credit unions, municipal facilities, warehouse facilities, and industrial facilities.
  • Each one of our customers has their own preference for choice of paper products and trash liners.
  • There are 10-15 different brands and sizes of toilet paper and 20 different kinds of paper towel that we regularly order.
  • There are 7 different kinds of vacuum cleaners we use – each with its own specific kind of bag and filter.
  • There are 3 different kinds of mop heads that each come in several sizes.
  • There are 4 different sizes of gloves to choose from.
  • There are 4 different sizes of trash liners.
  • There are 2 colors of microfiber rags.

Now you can see why a message, “I need to order toilet paper, rags, and vacuum cleaner bags,” doesn’t give the information we need to quickly and accurately fill your order. The easiest way to find paper product specifics is to look on the cases for the brand name and product number. You can look on the piece of equipment to check for its name and size.

It’s equally important for you to organize your inventory so that you remember to order all of what you may need. For instance, it’s best not to call one day and order paper towel and then two days later call and order toilet paper.

The same goes for your cleaning supplies – try to group your orders together as much as possible. Keeping an organized janitor closet can really help!

We’re happy to take your order by phone Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, (734) 482-1800.

For supply requests after 5:00pm, call the office number and dial ext. 150. Also, you can email supplies@populistcleaning.com at any time with your order.

As always, if you have any questions or would like help in making a re-order sample list, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your attention to this important part of your job!

culture Corner with Steve Amayo

This month’s Culture Corner: Crain’s Best Places to Work and Social Media participation

Many thanks to all our cultural shareholders who participated in our Spring Survey!

A sincere thank you to all employees who participated in our Spring Survey!

We’ll share results in the upcoming POWER HOUR on May 11th.

Populist email and tex tmarketing graphic


We send important company information to you by text and email.

Please be sure that we have your current email address and mobile phone number. Simply send your up-to-date information to hr@populistcleaning.com.

Be sure to add Populist’s Company Information texting number to your list of contacts. It’s 734-471-2638.

This will ensure that our messages get delivered to you. This number is for periodic company-wide communication only. It doesn’t replace your regular communication needs with your Area Manager or our office.  Thank you!

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