If you’re like us, you put a lot of intention into designing a unique and comfortable work environment for you and your staff. Creating a great space has a direct impact on how happy your employees feel at work.

I love walking through a facility that has clean, bright colors, unique furniture, or a cool vibe. Putting thought and care into your space shows you think and care about your employees’ well-being. This kind of thing means a lot to your cleaners too. You might not see them very often, but they are as impacted by your space as you are!

There are a few things you can do to prepare your carefully curated space for the cleaners. A few small efforts can mean the world to the people who care for your building night after night.

Putting your trash can in a visible, easy to access location will make your cleaner love you! Let’s say you sit in a cubicle. Putting the trash can close to the entrance saves a cleaner a ton of time and effort.

Consider mounting your soap dispensers to the restroom wall. Your cleaner will thank you for making the counters easier to wipe with better results. Plus, it eliminates gross germs and that nasty little pool of water under the soap container.

We’ve had some super cool customers go to a policy of no liners in personal space trash cans. They put lined trash cans in the common area for the messy stuff, so only dry waste goes in personal space. No mess, no smell, less waste! If your office isn’t ready to take that step, consider dumping your liquids before throwing away pop or coffee cups. This helps your cleaner a ton.

If your cleaning contract includes wiping desks and personal spaces, moving loose items out of the way will help your cleaner access as much surface area as possible.  That equals a cleaner desk!  The same goes for your kitchen.  Keeping a fairly clear counter means free and easy movement for your cleaning staff, but also helps your cleaner get those hard to reach areas.

We high key love it when you use microwave covers! Covering your burrito goes a long way and saves literally hours of scrubbing.

Adding a few of these suggestions to your daily routine or building layout benefits both you and your cleaner. Why not help your cleaner help you? Keeping surfaces clear, cutting down on waste, and taking a few moments to prep the area for your cleaners will make their lives easier.  It will also contribute to a cleaner, clutter free space for your staff.

We know you take pride in your workspace. We do too!  We love working together to create a great environment for your staff and our cleaners.

Thanks for considering our perspective!


Biz Dev, Populist Cleaning Co

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