Welcome, Ashleigh Laabs, to the Populist Team!

We are excited to welcome Ashleigh Laabs as our Company Integrator/COO!

Ashleigh officially rejoined our team on January 30, 2023. She will be replacing Christine Mozer in this role of Integrator/COO. They will work together over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition.

Ashleigh is a dynamic integrator and goal-driven business leader who loves to “make ideas happen” and to see results. She works efficiently with strategic intention to drive results that have a positive impact on the growth of a business. In the Integrator/COO role at Populist Cleaning Co, Laabs will design and implement plans, strategies, policies and procedures, and set comprehensive goals for growth and performance that align with the vision and culture of the company. 

As a family-owned business running on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Populist Cleaning Co has held a special place in my heart. I am humbled by this opportunity and really excited to be back with the wonderful leadership team at Populist. I look forward to creating additional value for our quality partners as we execute Populist Cleaning Co’s growth strategy to achieve continued success and strengthen the business operations for generations to come.

Ashleigh Laabs

As the new strategic leader of people and processes, Ashleigh will be responsible for deepening the team mindset that is already engrained in the employee-centric culture at Populist. She will report directly to Populist’s President and Co-Owner, Mike Eller. 

Ashleigh brings the next level of drive, clarity, and action to our team. She possesses the ability to lead and cut through to the things that need to be done, which in turn will empower our people to deliver a high caliber of service to our valued customers. I’m eager to see all we can accomplish as we continue our journey of growth and partnership with our customers and team members. 

Mike Eller 

As an entrepreneur and business professional, Laabs specializes in business growth strategy development. Her professional skills include strategic planning and execution, market research, customer engagement and retention, writing, media relations, project management, digital marketing management, event management, and budgeting. 

She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Public Relations from Central Michigan University as well as a Master of Arts in Public Relations from Michigan State University.  

Her previous work experience includes wearing multiple hats in the marketing and sales functions of multiple businesses. Ashleigh Laabs is founder of A. Victoria MAE, a marketing company that provides support to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Originally recommended to Populist by Christine in 2021, Ashleigh led the Business Development team through 2022 as a Fractional Marketing Director. “We are excited to have Ashleigh back, this time at the helm, leading our leadership team as Populist continues its journey of growth and partnership with our customers and team members,” states Mike Eller. 

As our interim integrator, Christine Mozer, has been a dedicated leader at Populist and an integral partner in its growth and success over the past three years. As a Fractional Integrator using EOS® principles, she has helped Populist stay focused on its vision, develop strategies, ensure execution, and provide accountability. Under Christine’s gavel Populist has nearly doubled in size. She has been instrumental in filling critical leadership positions, providing excellent resources, and setting the stage for the company to continue scaling up. All of us at team Populist heartily thank Christine for her commitment and hard work. We warmly wish her the best in all her future endeavors. 

Mike Eller

All of us here at Populist Cleaning Co give a warm welcome to Ashleigh and offer sincere thanks to Christine – true quality partners!