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Populist Cleaning has been taking care of our public safety building for years, and we are pleased with the service we receive.  From daily office cleaning and disinfecting wipe-down due to COVID19, monthly locker room cleaning, and quarterly floor waxing, Populist delivers on their quality of service.  We would like to say Thank You to Dorothy, Erin, and Deon for the professionalism, thoroughness, and kindness exhibited by them each day.

Lt. Sean McCormick, Pittsfield Township Department of Public Safety

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak we asked Populist what options were available to supplement our night time cleaning efforts in the building. Being an essential First Responder, we had to keep our staff on the job each day, however we were concerned about their health and safety. Populist sends in a team of trained professionals each day to clean all touch points of our kitchens, restrooms, conference rooms and lobbies. The crew is very professional, personable and respectful.

Rich, Ann Arbor and Plymouth, Michigan
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