Commercial Cleaning

Finding a reliable commercial cleaning & janitorial services company can be a challenge.

Here are three things to look for when searching for a quality cleaning company. 

1  Problem Solving Focus – Finding a commercial cleaning service that understands your problems and can provide solutions for these problems is important.  Solving problems involves reducing distractions caused by janitorial issues, knowing that the cleaning company is going to have adequate staff each day, and one that brings solutions to you without your having to ask.  In other words, look for a company who understands what is causing you pain, and can relieve that pain.

2  Local Presence – Quite simply, it is difficult to for a janitorial company to provide consistent service without having “boots on the ground”.  To be clear, janitorial work is not overly complicated.  Sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms, dusting, and emptying trash does not require extensive training and years of experience.  However, to provide consistent service, a cleaning company must have adequate oversight (field managers), and they must be relatively close (less than one hour) to your facility.  Good cleaning companies are continually inspecting work, looking for improvements, and encouraging and coaching their teams.

3  Industry Leadership – As mentioned previously, there is a “herd” of commercial janitorial companies in the market.  Look for a company who participates in the industry through association membership, gathers and disseminates helpful information, and generally cares about the industry.